Iron Man 3: My Way

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have been longing for this movie which could possible be the most sold movie in 2013. Well I believe I’m not alone, I bet you the one reading this post couldn't wait for the release of this movie. The first week of the release of Iron Man tickets would be sold out by now. While people are trying to get their hand to purchase the tickets, Nuffnang and Walt Disney Studio Motion Studios is giving out 30pairs of exclusive passes to Iron Man 3 premiere screening. This time around, a slogan will not win you the passes but a blog post of how you would customized your Iron Man costume might just score you a pair of premiere screening tickets. It’ definitely one of the toughest contest ever, but I will not back down, I am determined to win this!!!!

After thinking through for few days, finally I have an rough idea how I would customize my Iron Man costume. Since I came from engineering background I will upgrade the costume from it’s predecessor in various aspect and epitome of technology at its finest. Get ready to be amuse my one and only Iron Man Model C – Codename 00C0-C37 aka “Ascension”.

image A rough sketch of the conceptual design with the help from Aaron

Conventional armor requires rotor and sensor for movement, coupled titanium armor plating for impact protection and damage prevention. Rotors built into the armor would occasionally fail due to the dependence for energy to sustain the movement and would cease upon cutting off.  The physical armor plating caused limited movement and the strength of the plating is limited by its molecule properties and isn’t durable in the event of prolonged battle.


clip_image002Initial designs

clip_image002[5]Exterior Diagnostic

Ascending from the flaws, “Ascension” is built to handle various issue faced by the former armor. Powered by a more powerful Arc Reactor with the output of 10 Terajoule per sec, the Arc Reactor is capable of self-sustaining due to its link up with nano kinetic side winder which picks up the energy from movement to energy molecule release during the output. This is further enhanced by the vibranium element which is the core element of the energy storage and its perfect sub atomic structure prevents energy waste/leak thus able to absorb energy at near infinite amount.


clip_image002[8]The Arc Reactor Blue print

The armor physical restraint plating has been substitute with another variant of nano mechanics. Created by from the nano technology, the armor now is imbued with techno-organic-nanomites. The atomic level nanomites were originally designed to reach the part of the body where our hands can’t. Its primary function is to replicate the digital imprint programed into it. Memorizing the atomic molecule structure of vibranium and adamantium which thus merging both to become an indestructible metal. By replicating it during real time, these nano mites would emerge from the pores of the skin to surround the body and shaped its density according to the atomic structure. The result, armor is indestructible but yet soft to enable movement without limitation. It’s as though putting on a jumpsuit and run around. Hence eliminate the use of rotors and dependency on energy source. Due to the nano mites is bonded at the cellular level, the natural bio-energy generated from the body and the additional source from the Arc Reactor would easily power the nano mites.

Medical robotNanomites injecting the cells

The repulsor systems have been redesign and incorporate into the armor, spotting several repulsor cores on the front chestplate, on the back, and both side arms. This integration is to enable simultaneous propulsion from various angles which is for both defensive and attacking purposes.

clip_image003Side Arm - Armament Repulsor

The weapon system is incorporation of the saying, one man army. Armed EMP cannon (Electromagnetic Pulse) that can be targeted to a specific target or surrounding radius by blasting it off. H.V.R.M (High Velocity Repulsor Missile) which is launch with its built repulsor system that travel at high velocity and upon impact, would release a drill that drills into the target and detonate with an explosion that almost equivalent of cold fusion meltdown.

clip_image005Missile Pods

The center nervous systems are augmented by the influence of the nano mites which links up the entire region of the brain that increases intelligence and increase of physical strength. Fast reflex and agility have been increased to superhuman level. The onboard interface is direct link up to the mainframe along with satellite network and along with the enhanced brain; processing speed is increased to greater heights and speed of untold limit.

clip_image007HUD Interface

The armor is also designed to endure atmospheric reentry as the one of the element in the armor molecule would absorb the excessive heat and friction generated from it which is then convert to energy into the Arc Reactor. It might even give the armor a great flaming color on its exterior.

clip_image008The Future?

Though the path towards the future might be faced with great challenges and obstacle, we will persevere and continue learning to innovate for a better tomorrow.

clip_image010Theatrical Poster

While anticipations are running high for the sequel of Marvel’s Iron Man 3, the numbers of fan keep on increasing day by day. It has become an icon and symbolism for many tech savvy or so I presume. Anyway the marketing team did really well by releasing adequate clips to keep audience, movie goers and fans glued to the release. Expectations are skyrocketing with the released clips. Finger crossed that I will be receiving email on the invitation to the Nuffnang Iron Man premiere screening. You Nuffnanger have you draft out your blogpost? If you have not you better start cracking your head now!! Good night and have a great Monday tomorrow.


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