Free Manicure or Aromatheraphy Massage Every Wednesday at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello Reader!! I’m back from resting!!! It’s TGIF so I’m bringing you some good news!! However this is only applicable to Ladies so if you are a guy, no worries you still can share this to all the ladies around you!!

You see Amante Nail Spa & Body Care is so kind to giving out free Express Manicure and 30minute Aromatherapy Body Massage on every Wednesday for first time customer!!


So all you have to do is make a call to any Amante outlet near you for booking and voila you will get your nail painted or rejuvenated body!!! Please note, you can only choose one ya!! Don’t be greedy okie?

Well though I looooveee massage but I decided to go for Manicure as I am selected to attend a Unboxing Tea Party organized by Beauty Bloggers Malaysia (Butterfly Project) together with Delectable Su & Bag of Love. You can check my winning entry here.

So, it was raining heavily that day and the staff of Amante were so good to bring the umbrella out and lead me into the shop.

imagePicture taken from google image

The nail parlour is well kept and look very clean and cozy. At the main hall there were a few sofa for those waiting for their partner nail’s to be done or those waiting for their turn.


Before we start, I was told to select the nail polish colour from the rack. The staff let me try the colour on my nails before finalizing. This is very good as I can see whether the colour match my skin tone.

C360_2013-04-24-18-42-50OPI nail polish selection!

However their colour is kinda limited to me. I wanted a milky yellow colour or milky blue colour but non is available. So I pick milky purple colour! =.=

Then I was seated on their sofa which was very comfortable. Another point added for their service is there give me a blanket to cover my leg to keep me warm.

C360_2013-04-24-17-40-57 Nice and Warm on rainy day with Lemon Grass & Ginger Tea

The interior section decorated with dimmed lighting and warm colour draped curtains. Somehow it makes feel like falling asleep as the whole room feels so comfy.


The manicurist paint really well. I she is very skilful as she can paint really quick and I like how she shape my nails!! So uniform!


The colour was really solid and smooth. Non of the colour run out of my nail bed. I also like the fan they use to dry my finger, is very cooling and dry my nails fast!!


I’m a happy girl with my purple nails! Thanks to Amante for painting my nails for free ^_^ and Beauty Blogger (Butterfly Project) for posting the info on FB!

Cindy’s Verdict

  • Great Ambience
  • Great Staff and they provide blanket to keep you warm
  • Skilful manicurist, the colours are solid and smooth
  • Colour choices limited but no big deal as common colour like red, pink, black is available!

For location of each outlet and pricing please refer to their website.

Careline : 012 2956915
Email :


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