“Find yourself in Oz” Movie Outing with Underprivileged Children

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Recently i was in treat to participate in joined collaboration by Genting Malaysia Berhad’s WeCare and participating homes which comprises of three, namely Kiwanis (Myanmar Chin Student Organization), Pertubuhan Wanita, Dan Kesihatan, Kuala Lumpur and PT Foundation on a special movie outing for the underprivileged children which took place at First World Plaza, Genting.


We began our journey at the first light of the misty morning towards the venue. Saddled up and got comfortable for the journey ahead. Upon arrival, we are greeted by the WeCare Team and being led to First World Cafe for some light refreshment prior to the movie. From the entrance, loud voices and laughter’s can be heard. It was surprising to see the children which came in big numbers (120 children) from different homes getting along all so well. Essentially, the WeCare Team is founded by the simplistic idea to lend a helping hand to those in needs and in line with the company’s CSR initiatives “To Serve the Community”.

Oz2Children coming in for breakfast!!

Later we were brought up to the theatre hall and it was a full house after housing all the children and the participants.


Based on L. Frank Baum’s Oz novels and to pay homage to, The Wizard of Oz film which was released back in 1939, Oz the Great and Powerful focused on how a small time magician in a travelling circus band had set out on a journey to discover greatness and explore the vast land of what it could offer but nothing could prepare him for path which was prophesize in difficult times.

clip_image002 The vast colours of the movie…

After tossed around and holding on to his dear life, Oz arrived in some foreign land which unbeknownst to him. Quickly learning from a witch named Theodora whom believed that Oz is the prophesized man who will liberate the land from the Wicked witch. Oz seeking greatness, had played along with the ploy.

Along the way, he found himself in company of a flying monkey named Finley who swore a life of allegiance after Oz had inadvertently saved his life from a Lion while under the false pretense of being the prophesize man. As the greed and power soon sets in, so as the guilt which Oz sees the aftermath of destruction on the China Town by the Wicked witch underlings.

clip_image004 All the glitters ..Awhhh…

Oz would soon face the ultimate challenge which he would be forced to rely on his ingenuity, skills, wits and maybe some magic to help him pull through. Armed with nothing more than an elaborate theatrics of epic proportions, Oz might indeed be the prophesize wizard, or not.

clip_image006 You can be the man that you had set out to be, provided focus thee eyes…

It is surprising refreshing to fond ol’ memories of the former tale where one might remember good ol’ Dorothy of Kansas whom seeks the Wizard to return home and help grant the wishes of her companions though there is several gaps to fill and room to develop on the general aspect. Avid fans would probably make several connections that relates to the Wizard of Oz as this would be the intended prequel. Aside of its stunning beautiful CGI landscape, and casting for the characters fits like a glove. It’s a great entertainment watch for all. So catch in a cinema near you today.


Director: Sam Raimi
Writers: Mitchell Kapner (screenplay), David Lindsay-Abaire (screenplay)
Stars: James Franco, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz

Subsequently after the movie, it was time for lunch where we treated for a fusion buffet lunch. Certainly gave much relieve as was famished. During the taken of food, all the children can be seen taking the line and in an orderly manner. After the hearty meal and stuff belly, we had chattered away along and observe how all those kids having a good time. We had rested awhile and gave adequate time for the food to sink in as we’re going to hop on some new rides and wouldn’t want spill something along the way.

imageSuper Yummy Dessert

We are in treat to the new ride that is launched for the outdoor theme park which is called “The Waves”. Words are just outta of mind to describe the adrenaline rush that flows while holding on dearly as though flying off from the seat. The ride had managed to emulate the similar motion during riding the wave but with the exception of additional high speed. It’s a definite must try when drop by the theme park next time.

Oz15New Ride : The Waves

Oz18Priceless Expression!

Spend the next couple hours going for some of the extreme rides while the adrenaline rush is soaring high. Well while having fun, time flies till it was time again to head back to reality. Bidding our goodbyes to all the participant and the WeCare team for having us on this special outing. Though it was exhaustive but most certainly a memorable day. Till the next time we meet!

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