Feeling Upset on TGIF

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Actually when i think about what title to put for this blog post i didn't know what to put. I have too many emotion running on me at one time. So no thanks to god it's Friday!

I know some of you may feel upset for the coming days as i might not be able blog as much. Not that I'm too busy (though I am, but that's not the main reason) is because my laptop has officially dead last night! It doesn't switch on at all most of my friends said its caused by motherboard. I hope it is or else all my picture will be gone forever from my hard drive.

Lucky thing is i still have my old laptop as spares but it can't be brought out as the screen is not in a good condition. I promise I'll try to upload as many blog post as possible kay? However, next whole week i will be heading to Singapore for training and that's means no laptop and no updates on my blog. Sob sob..

Yesterday was actually a very depressing day for me. Morning i was struggling on my job. I sort of realize that i loose passion on my job. I stop learning new thing, I just deliver my job and get paid at the end of the month. Have you ever face this before? It's like you feel too bored at your current job and feel demotivated at all time? At same time you don't feel like moving out of your comfort zone? This is exactly how I feel yesterday. Well, good thing is family and friends are here to support and advise me. So after a week of struggling on my thoughts where to head i finally sorted out.

Just feeling much relaxed yesterday noon but knowing that i have many pending task both for work and my blog and that I'll be away next whole week I got stressed. As some of you may now i have not recover since my trip to Kuching. Hope i will get well soon.

Then at night I suffering menstrual cramp which is the worst thing to happen in my life in which right after at night I discover that my laptop say goodbye to me.

That's too much to handle in one day. I just hope that everything will back to normal again. Sorry if I ramble too much in this post. It's been sometime since I update some personal thing here. So long for now. Hope you all will enjoy your weekends.

Signing off from my mobile...

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