Chang Rai Thai Food @ Taman Seraya

Friday, April 05, 2013

That evening it was raining and everywhere is jam. Me, Mokky & Jane reach pretty late to Chang Rai Thai Food organized by Open Rice.

Chang Rai13

When we arrived food has already served on the table. So, I missed out the photo opportunity for the whole tom yam pot. So this is it, Thai Seafood Tom Yam Soup on my bowl.

Chang Rai1Thai Seafood Tom Yam Soup 

The Tom Yam is very concentrated and the seafood flavour has infused into the broth. Fresh Seafood is the key ingredient that made this Tom Yam so delicious.

Oh well, Green Curry Chicken doesn’t look appealing so does the taste! It’s just plain and plain.

Chang Rai2

Butter Prawn comes in a super thick yellowish gravy. It’s slightly sweet in taste and prawn is very fresh. The curry leaf does not really improve the taste of the gravy!! However I still prefer the butter prawns with egg floss.

Chang Rai3Butter Prawn

Prawn Cake is a common dish in Thai Food, Otak-Otak cake (Mixture of Fish Meat & Spices) was something new to me. Both taste alright crunchy and all but no WOW factor. I prefer the one at Jimmy & Nom Thai Restaurant.

Chang Rai4Prawn Cake & Otak-Otak Cake

The beautifully garnished Steam Fish with Lemon served on our table. Sadly the lemon flavour does not infused onto the fish meat. Good thing is the fish is very fresh so it’s original meat does taste good.

Chang Rai7Steam Fish with Lemon

I was a bit sceptical to try out this Barbeque Pork Neck because I don’t really like neck or organs… However, they say it was good and taste super yummy. So I surrender and give it a try!! Wow it was good…..The smoky aroma of the thin layer of the pork meat is so good!

Chang Rai9Barbeque Pork Neck

Fish Maw with Seafood Soup was the one I really love that night! I drank two bowl of it. The starchy soup is so smooth and all the egg, crabstick, prawn, scallop and fish just so nice to chew!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant!

Chang Rai6Fish Maw with Seafood Soup

The last main dish of the night was Braised Crab Glass Noodle. The glass noodle is tab bit too oily and salty, it was a let down when the crab taste does infused onto the glass noodle. The crab was quite satisfying though. Huge and meaty!!

IMG_0930Braised Crab Glass Noodle

IMG_0934Meaty Crabs

The Coconut Jelly is a chewy stuff!! They also incorporated the jackfruit slices in between the jelly. Yummy..

IMG_0939Coconut Jelly

Well there is hit and misses. Overall, it’s a great place for family gatherings.

27 Jalan Bunga Tanjung 18,

Taman Muda,

56100 Kuala Lumpur,

Contact No : 013-263 3993

Food : 7/10
Price: Unknown
Facility: 5/10 (limited parking space)
Ambient Environment: 7/10 (Spacious restaurant)
Service: 7/10

Must Order : Fish Maw Soup & Barbeque Pork Neck


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