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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Can you believe while I was locked in Singapore, my other half was happily represent me to enjoy all the yummy food?? So without further ado here he is again writing another gastronomy review of Brisik Restaurant at Jaya One.

During the weekend, we’re off to another gastronomy experience with special thanks to Foodirector and this time around, we head over to Brisik. Dubbed as a traditional Indonesian / Thai restaurant, the collaboration of fusion food is brought by the owner, who is half Sudanese and half Thai.

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Located in a quiet corner within Jaya One, visitor would be quickly drawn to its modest concept with interior décor of colourful drapes and intriguing art display.

Brisik11Quiet cozy corner..

Set on a long table where the dining experience will be taking place, we were doing some icebreaker to get everyone acquainted before main festive begins. At same time, the welcoming drinks were served and it was Lemongrass. It is refreshing helped to quench the thirst and there is many other variant could be utilize besides turning into beverages.


With everyone present, let the feasting begins or so to speak. The first item brought was Satagor. It looks rather similar to Begedil but with differential in terms of ingredients. It comprised of mashed up potato, some long beans and carrot with onions which is then tossed to fry. The texture is surprisingly moist even after frying and the taste is normal. The serving also comes with Fried Mushroom and the Thai chilli with sesame for dipping sauce.

Brisik1Satagor with Fried Mushroom

Don’t let the flow stop as coming straight out is the “Satay Serai”. The “Satay Serai” does resembles the regular satay lilit which perhaps they had revised the name for marketing purpose. Anyway the “Satay Serai” which comprised of minced meat and coriander in its texture that is quite soft and moist upon the initial bite. Besides the coriander, the lemongrass stick had actually served its purpose by drawing out the flavor which had helped mustered and giving it more flavour. Along with the dipping sauce, the flavour was well balanced.

Brisik2Satay Serai

After indulge in some flavourful item, it was time to tone it down a little with the “Keropok Melingar”. Derived from the fruit, it is bitter when it’s raw and need to put it out for the sun which later to be fried. It was mentioned that if eaten continuously, it could heal certain illness but within normal range. The taste didn’t fared too well as the strong bitter after taste, gave the tongue time out till a while later.

Coming up – The Mains

With the entrée course completed, we continued on to the mains. First up, we spotted a mountain and it’s wobbly. Haha.. Anyway it is the “Tauhu Telur”. It comprises mixture of soy beans and eggs which are then blend and fried subsequent after. Topped with vegetable garnish and sauce, the “Tauhu Telur” was rather bland. Perhaps the ratio of eggs and tauhu was a little off as it would require almost 3 hours to prepare per serving or it could just be the still effects from the prior keropok.

clip_image010Tauhu Telur

Continuing on, is the famed “Ayam Penyet”. Many would prolly wondering, is it really squashed chicken? Yes and no as variant methods on different restaurant which some might smash and pound the chicken flat or some might just seasoned the chicken to serve with the marinating sauce. For this dish, the method is grilled the chicken prior. This is to remove the excess oil and fat from the chicken which is then tossed into the specially made sambal and stir to cook. Though the sambal is spicy but at the same time, it is slightly sweet as we found out that the tomatoes was behind the reason of it being sweet. Perhaps they could reduce the ratio of tomatoes to be blend into the mix.

Brisik6Ayam Penyet Sunda

While appreciating the taste from the previous dish, we were quickly drawn to the bright yellowish hue of curry which is served on the plate with the banana leaf on the bottom. It was called “Gulai Kambing”.

From the initial taste, it is interesting as there is a combination of sweet, spicy and milky. It comprised of potatoes, a whole lot of onions (which could be the contributing factor of the sweetness) and low fat UHT milk for coconut milk substitution. However the lamb meat was tough to wrestle and could do longer on the stove to soften its texture.

Brisik7Gulai Kambing

Barely time to settle down the wrestling tummy, we were served with “Paku Pakis in Garlic”. The Paku pakis (Fernleaf) is stir fried with onions and thin chili slice to give it a hint of spiciness with sesame seed sprinkle on top. The vegetable is fresh however the stir fried had a tad too much oil which gives a rather distasteful mouth covered with oil.

Brisik8Paku Pakis in Garlic

Its alive, ITS ALIVE. No, it’s not actually alive for the next dish as its merely named “Dancing Fish”. The fish is fried and served along with 3 chillies. The variants on the chillies could actually push the spiciness level to the peak as one of chillies had a peculiar after taste which is very spicy / salty and given it is green in colour. The fish had fared alright as it was quite hard to chew on (Prolly due to duration that it was prepared to be served but delayed). Well it didn’t quite dance to the desired tune.

Brisik9Dancing Fish

So we conclude our dining experience with a serving of Sago Gula Merah which was normal. Overall, the food is pretty decent and there is always room for improvement. Special thanks to Brisik whom we had the opportunity to dine in and explore their menu together with Foodirector whom undertake and organize this event.

Brisik Restaurant

10-1, Palm Square Jaya One,

No. 72A Jalan Universiti.

46200 Petaling Jaya.

Telephone: 603-7958-6681

Opening Hours:-

10am-10pm Daily

Written by Thomas Chin, edited by Cindy Tong

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