Bag of Love, Unboxing Tea Party at Delectable Treats

Monday, April 15, 2013

Have you heard that Bag of Love is collaborating with The Butterfly Project to host the very first 'unboxing' event this April at Delectable Treats?? There are inviting 30 bloggers to this Unboxing Tea Party who write a blog post on why they want to be at the party and why they want to review Bag of love!
You have no idea how much I love to be invited for this tea party where I could unbox the all new April Bag of Love. Despite having so many work piling up I never gave up writing this post in order to score myself an invitation. I have actually use 2 hour to edit an picture to show my imagination on how the tea party would look like. My hope in winning a passes to this tea party break into pieces when my laptop crashed…. After so many editing, I did not save the picture to my external hard disk only saved it inside my useless laptop which is in Dell factory now. Enough of those crap

After going through a very rough week, I never gave up on this and tadaaa…I just finish editing another picture of how the Bag of Love, Unboxing Tea Party at Delectable Treats will look like

Bag of Love Tea Party Bag of Love, Unboxing Tea Party at Delectable Treats sneak preview

Love is always being relate to pink colour and every girl love pink!! It’s sweet and lovely…So a pink theme with garden (Earth Month) inspired decoration would be perfect for this tea party!!

Since this month, Bag of Love theme for April is related to saving our earth they are using a bleach free canvas, a recycled non-woven material for April’s bag. This is a unboxing event, so all this little beauty bag will be serve on top of each table. I will be seating on the chair slowly unzip the bag and adore all the beauty product in the bag while I bite on the delicious cakes by Delectable Treats….
image Bag of Love for April : Little Beauty Bag

Delectable Treats by Su is well known for their heavenly delicious cakes is the sponsor for all the teas and cakes for this tea party. OMG I could not resist these sweet stuff by Delectable Treats. ^_^ I want to party at Delectable Treats with lots of cakes and a pool of beauty product!!! So I thought Su will make a cake based on the sold out Bag of Love Debut bag design!!!

image Look at those colorful treats!!!

Knock myself!!!! Stop dreaming…the party has not started yet. The above was illustrated while I am still in my dream!!! Guess I just love to attend this party too much that I could not stop thinking about it!!!

Speaking about the Debut Bag, I had review this bag previously. You can read my review here. I got the bag hand delivered by the founder Mimi. She is a very pretty lady and has such a sweet mouth. Not only the bag is attractive but the founder itself is lovable!!!

This is Mimi in cartoon version, so cute der…..Every month bag of love’s illustrator will come out with a new theme where there is different character of the founder to match the theme.

imageThis month theme: Go Green!
Debut bag was a success!! The customized bag does melt lot’s of heart and the product in the bag especially the Definite brush and The Host movie was something I really love!!
 image Bag of Love: Debut Bag

The Definite brush is so delicate and it is only available via bag of love subscription. You can’t buy else where. Oh I can’t wait to discover which Definite item will be in the April Bag. or would it be another movie date?  

Pray hard that I will be seeing other girls in this lovely party!! Finger crossed

Meanwhile if you have not subscribe to Bag of Love April edition, subscribe now at
If you would like to join this party, you can check out more info at this link:

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