Apollo Axe is in the Search for Malaysian Astronaut

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

You ever think you could explore the space? A place where only a few in the world had gone before? Well now you can!!! AXE is calling all the man out there to participate in this search for the Astronauts who will be joining the other 21 man from around the world.

Yes you heard right!! Actual Space!!!! 


I was invited to the launch of the search for next Malaysian Astronaut by AXE at Sultan Lounge Mandarin Oriental Hotel. First time going into this Sultan Lounge, didn’t know it was located underground.

Apollo Axe1

As usual I was there early with Winnie that night!! Not much people has arrived!!

Apollo Axe2

We were then escorted to the lounge by two beautiful gorgeous ladies. 

Apollo Axe3

I love the entire setting of the the lounge! It does feels like I’m traveling in space!

Apollo Axe5

Now you must be curious what AXE deodorant got to do with Space??

“There’s no bigger hero than Astronaut!!”

I seen AXE has been doing very good with its previous “fresh” and “masculine” fragrances such as Anarchy and Provoke. In developing the fragrance for Apollo, AXE worked with world-renowned fragrance consultant, Ann Gottlieb, the “nose” behind AXE fragrances for over 20 years. AXE Apollo’s confident blend of clary sage and sparkling fruits on top gives a teasing and fresh first im­pression.

Apollo Axe7

oooo I love my men with AXE Apollo on his body!! It’s really refreshing and not too tense!

Walk around to take more photos. Have you read my previous post on my lovely peplum dress? In case you have not, you can read it here.

Apollo Axe8

The launch is about to beginning in five minutes…

Axe Apollo23

while waiting we indulge in the finger food by Sultan Lounge!!! OMG it’s so delicious!! We can’t stop taking!! Well it great to munch on the food while we chat a lil right?

Apollo Axe11Cod Fish & Scallop my favourite for the night!

Apollo Axe10Salmon & Turkey Chunks

and right after that Julie Woon initiate the event!!

Apollo Axe13Stunning Julie Woon

Apollo Axe14Herry Budiazhari giving his speech

“The possibility of sending what would only be the second ever Malaysian to space is an exciting one for us here at AXE, and for the nation. We wanted to do something out of this world, literally, and help guys feel like heroes. We are calling out to all Malaysians to grab this unique opportunity. When guys look, smell and feel their best, they have more con­fidence. This is why the new AXE Apollo deodorant body spray is perfect with its fresh and clean scent, combining fresh sage with crisp mandarin and smooth sandalwood. Girls love a hero, and nothing beats an astronaut, so we named the product in this spirit” said Herry Budiazhari, Marketing Director, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

now let’s watch this advertisement for AXE to see how girls would scream for Astronauts!! Happy Watching!!

Together with the AXE Apollo body spray, the AXE Apollo Space Academy will appeal to those who have always dreamed of what was beyond earth. As an experience like no other, participants stand a chance to join the privileged few who have encountered the freedom and boundlessness of space.

Apollo Axe15

The Search for the Hero has begin!!

Apollo Axe16

AXE has partnered with SXC to secure 22 seats aboard the suborbital spacecraft, named the Lynx.  SXC, led by CEO Michiel Mol, operates XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx suborbital space plane that takes passengers more than 100 kilometers into space, achieving astronaut status.

Apollo Axe18Group Picture with Astronauts..

I couldn’t resist but join the girls in the queue to take picture with the astronauts.

Apollo Axe22

Also a picture with the gorgeous Julie Woon.

Apollo Axe20

How do you join this one in a life opportunity to land on space? Simply sign up AXEApollo.com. Then get all your family and friends to vote for you. Be on the top of the leader board and you will be representing Malaysia at the AXE Apollo Space Academy camp in Florida, United States, vying for a spot for a journey to the final frontier with contestants from 60 countries around the world.

The all new AXE Apollo deodorant body spray is available in stores now. Don’t forget to grab one at the stores nearby you!!!

Apollo Axe6

I gotten a goodie bag from AXE consist of Apollo Axe and piece of Space Ice Cream!!

Apollo Axe23

I never eaten one nor seen one. It’s like marshmallow but instead of soft it’s solid and hard. It’s creamy when it melt on my mouth!! Something new!!

clip_image001Freeze Dried Ice cream for Astronauts

Okay dearies…that’s all from me tonight!! Enjoy the rest of the night k?


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