A White Affair with LWD

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This whole month I fell in love with anything white. My wardrobe now has become brighter than ever welcoming lots of white and cream colours! Though winter has just passed but white is great for Spring too! Hey white flowers are beautiful too okay? The fair and cool white will makes you stands out from a crowd of pastel colours.

However it took extra effort to look good in a LWD (Long White Dress) especially for those who does not have a lean body and I am one of them.

Tips for buying a LWD, well not specifically white dress! It applies to other colours as well:

  • If you have a flabby arm avoid strappy white dress. For more sexy options go for sleeveless or cap sleeve dress.

imageSleeveless White Dress with pleated bottom.


Sleeveless White Dress with Skater Bottom.

“Adding belt onto waistline help define your curve”

  • If you have big bottoms try peplum design or mid waist dress with skater or pleated cutting on the bottom.

imagePuff Sleeve White Dress with big peplum details and V-neck line

  • If you wan a body hugging dress to show your curve try peplum design. Remember if you do not have a tall body, you may want to select a smaller peplum detailing to lengthen your body.

imageWhite dress with Cap Sleeve and small peplum details

  • For fuller bust choose round neckline or high neck line dress. While those who want to flaunt some assets can try V-Neck line.

I secretly buy a white peplum dress from ASOS.com and loving it! There are having 70% sales this whole month! Got this white piece at RM50.00 with free shipping. I wore it to the recent AXE Apollo event. Will blog about it soon!!


White Peplum Dress : Asos

Necklace : Divas

Flower Heel : Forever 21

Can you see? A full white dress does really stands out from others!!! The sleeve helps cover my flabby arms… Peplum definitely target my waist to define it further.


Also love how sweet the flower heel can be. The light colour of the medium size flower make pairing really easy! This is actually the tallest high heel I’ve ever buy. It took me a while to walk with it. After a while it become easier to walk and the support is very good! It comes with a layer of cushioning and the body fabric is very soft. This is definitely a great buy as Forever 21 is having sales now!! I got this pair for RM 80.00.

Forever 21 Heel1Forever 21 Flower Heel.

I hope you girls enjoy my white affair with Peplum!! Get yourself a LWD too and tell me which one you go for kay? Have a great week!!

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