Tuesday, March 19, 2013

“Sometimes the end is just the beginning”

Based on Issac Marion’s novel, Warm Bodies tells a story of paranormal romance, zombie comedy in a post-apocalyptic world. We are quickly introduced to R, whom still retains bits of human trait such as thoughts, though the muscle rotor function has been reduced to a crawl.


Though he retains partial human traits, however the insatiable hunger for human flesh and brains is inevitable as being part of the zombie package. R narrates how things work in the zombie world, communication with limited vocabulary, daily routine to meal hunting time. Things became complicated when R joined a pack of zombie out hunting and stumble upon Julie and group who’s out scavenging meds for the citadel fortress. All seems bleak when R takes a fancy on Julie and further fuelled by the dead brain cells of Julie’s BF, Perry as R slowly devours it, the memories of them together came along to ignite something that one might think it’s not possible. Needing to protect Julie from the rest, R masked her scene and brings her back to an airplane where he takes residence. Both of them bond and little known that R is slowly returning back to life which would change the entire world and reviving back the human race.

clip_image004Err.. Umm… (Come on, say something already)

Unfortunately the higher undead, bonies dislike of the idea changes and seek out both R & Julie to eliminate this issue as many of the former zombie slowly coming back to life and the number keep increasing by the day. With many obstacles and deadly forces, R will have to seek out what truly defines being human.

clip_image006Red jacket, blue jeans.. You from Smallville?? Don’t ask…

The movie is surprisingly entertaining. A softer side on apocalyptic world infested with zombie that has a sense of humour. However many loopholes that could use some work on.

I thought this will be another zombie movie but there is something different that make it outstanding! Wanna know what is it? Check it out in cinema near you! It’s definitely recommended watch for all adults.



Director: Jonathan Levine

Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palm


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