March Catra Coffee Challenge: Coffea Coffee

Monday, March 18, 2013

As planned this month we explore to Bangsar for another cuppa coffee. Reading a few good review around, so I put up quite a high expectation on their coffee.

Bangsar has now turn into a place where people would hang out for Western style breakfast or brunch or just hang out for cuppa coffee. Along the same row of Coffea Coffee there is Antipodean Cafe which I had blog about it here, Milk and Butter ( I would love to try this soon) and also the LaBodega Cafe for those who want some alcohol beverages.

Coffea Coffee1

Coffea Coffee has this very spacious and casual clean look. An open concept cafe I would say. I fancy the furniture varieties in the cafe from curvy wood chair to comfy sofas and from low to high table.

Coffea Coffee Interior

There is many wood element in it’s interior especially on the wall and it’s furniture. They play soothing songs and music most of the time! Lighting is alright not too harsh or too dim and it’s great for those who want to do some work with their laptop!

The coffee brewing area is wide open for customer viewing pleasure. While waiting for your coffee, you can sit comfortably and watch how you coffee is brewed!

Coffea Coffee9

This month I decided to try something different from the normal Latte and so the Peanut Butter Latte on my table. This latte definitely suit those who love their coffee sweet. For me it’s way too sweet!! I might get a toothache. I personally think this latte lack of coffee aroma and the peanut butter taste was too mild.

Coffea Coffee Peanut LattePeanut Butter Latte, RM 12.00

Thomas always prefer something black while I like my coffee with milk though at time I love to have espresso! This time around he ordered Columbia Supremo El Lanca. Thomas said that it was smooth and a strong acidity kick in slight after it enter with a minty after taste and become bitter when it goes down.

Coffea Coffee Columbia SupremoColumbia Supremo El Lanca, RM 9.00

We then continue our to chat and do our work on our laptop. It was a great place to hang around, I love the ambience so much…I would definitely prefer this place over Starbucks or Coffee Beans.

As the day go dark, we decided to order another cup to see whether the Barista will do a better cuppa of coffee!

This time I’m going to stick to my usual Latte. Coffea Coffee offer two type of bean Maestro & Madonna. Maestro being the stronger and a high roast blend while Madonna have rich blend and slight acidic aroma!! I like to go for the strong one to let the caffeine wake me up!!!! So Maestro Latte for me!!! The milk foam missing the velvety texture and the coffee in fact was not as strong as advertised. Coffee aroma not the worse I smell but no where near outstanding!

Coffea Coffee Maestro LatteMaestro Latte, RM`10.00

Thomas order another black coffee, Brazil Cerrado Natural Passaro. Bitterness & sourness come at the same time when it goes in. Thomas prefer Columbia Supremo more as the aroma is slightly better than Brazil Cerrado.

Coffea Coffee Brazil CerradoBrazil Cerrado Natural Passaro, RM 8.50

Beside coffee Coffea Coffee also serve sandwich, cookies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes, dessert and other beverages like tea and fruit juice.

Coffea Coffee3Coffea Coffee Menuboard

Coffea Coffee5Coffea Coffee- Cakes & Fruit Juices

Overall the coffee here does not have strong coffee aroma to makes me return and I do think there is more room for improvement. or Maybe I have too high expectation on them? I think Butter & Beans and Artisan Roast Latte has greater aroma and smoother texture. However, Coffea Coffee has better ambience! I would return for it’s ambience though! So Great Coffee or Comfy Environment? You gotta choose yourself!

Coffea Coffee

No. 8, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,


Coffee: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Facility: 7/10 (Wifi connection speed is acceptable, video streaming is alright)
Ambient Environment: 9/10 (lovely environment)
Service: 8/10 (friendly and quick response)


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