Sunday, March 17, 2013


Those are the chanting words of the other world giant taunting humans due to dark magic practice that lead to a most certain humanity demise but not before a brave king summoned the order of the light to create a relic which would eventually be mankind’s last hope of survival. Dramatic? Almost.


Based on the fairy tale, Jack and The Beanstalk, the movie is reimagined and certain plot twist incorporated. Helmed by director, Bryan Singer whom previous works brought us, X-Men & Superman Returns, Jack would certainly thrill audience. Joining the cast is actor, Nicholas Hoult whose good looks might just be more than that with his previous portrayal in X-Men – First Class as protagonist, Jack. Alongside the cast is newcomer, Eleanor Tomlinson as the rebellious princess, Isabelle. The Jedi Knight, Ewan McGregor played Elmont, the leader of the King’s Elite Guard whose calm and cool persona irks to a certain degree but means well in the heart.

JACK THE GIANT SLAYERHello there ol’ chap, how’s the weather looking today?

The narration starts from the beginning of the war between man and giants which was brought on by the dark priest whom inadvertently conjured a gateway to the giant world as their original intention was to reach for the heavens above but falling short beneath the sky. King Erik orders the priests of light to forge a relic that is combination both of the giants and sorcery which would grant its wielder power over the giants. Fearing that such power would corrupt souls, King Erik commands the remaining giant back to where they had spawned from and ordered the beanstalk to be chopped down. The once great battles have reduced to nothing but folklore. Jack whom has been always fascinated with the folklore told by his belated father about the giants ascending from the sky above along and at the same time the princess, Isabelle being told of the tale by her mother. Little that both knows, the tale will eventually become the tale of their destiny intertwined and with dark unscrupulous forces that lurks in the shadow, they will have to mustered all their courage and strength to pull through it all.

imageAlright lovebirds, this is the plan.. If there is a plan.. We RUN !!

The movie had definitely given new life into the age old classic fairy tale. However it lacks of some element that would launch it to a blockbuster and with that said, the movie felt like another B-Grade movie. Even with the presences of Ewan McGregor, the movie had failed to propel it forward.



Director : Bryan Singer

Writers : Darren Lemke, Christopher McQuarrie and Dan Studney

Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson, Ewan McGregor

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