Himalaya Ayur Slim : Slimming with no side effect?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fat to me is not a new word! I heard this word ever since I learn to talk and listen when I am still a kid. It’s truth I has been always this fat ever since I was born. Never in my life I experience thin. I know most of you may think that fat are those people with bigger body size! Truth is even small size people (thinner people) may have fats too..Even the most thin people may have excess fat!!

There is two type of fat that surround your body!! What 2 type??? This is why I say even people with ideal weight maybe fat too!! Subcutaneous Fat & Visceral Fat are both fat you want to eliminate to look better and stay healthy!! Visceral Fat being more dangerous as it is non visible and lies within the body and may surround your organs. While Subcutaneous Fat are those who lies directly under your skin and make you have a lumpy look!!!!


After attended the talk by Himalaya personnel and found that I had stored lots of Subcutaneous Fats by measuring the BMI.

Himalaya2Azura got herself to check on BMI score.


She tell me you are overweight!!Crying face Crying face though I know this for a long time but it’s still sad to hear that again!!

Before we start the talk, we did a light morning exercises!! Morning Laughter Workout!!! It was indeed a very good workout…I feel much more happy after laughing!

Himalaya6Doing Laughter Workout!

So what are the best way to eliminate this fats???

  • Eat healthily!!! Eat according to food guide!


  • Stay Active Everyday! Do some light exercises if you are too busy!
  • Eat Sparingly! Eat according to your calories needs.

We played a little game to determine what are the food we need to take based on our calories needs.


Our team win the game. So we each won a bottle of Himalaya Shower Gel.

In order to help improvise the slimming effect, Himalaya has introduced Ayur Slim.


“Ayurslim has a favourable effect on weight reduction. It is a researched Ayurvedic herbal, that can be safely used with no reported side effects.”


“Ayurslim is made up of 100% herbs such as Garcinia, Gymnema, Gugguk, terminalia Chebula and Trigonella Foenum Graecum. This is why there is no side effect reported!!!”

“Ayurslim works in 5 ways to reduces fats!”

  1. Burns up fat cells
  2. Stop fat formulation
  3. Removes toxins from the body
  4. Prevents craving from food
  5. Reduces cholesterol

All this while I had been a little sceptical about trying slimming product due to the side effects and also the fats coming back after stop taking the products. Now with Ayurslim, I am going to try for the very first time!! So wait up for my results by next month alright? Can’t wait to shed off some kilos…

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