Hatyai/ Krabi TSDayOut Day 2 Part 1/2: The Big Breakfast!

Monday, March 11, 2013

We were told that there is a Morning Market just few steps away from our hotel in Hatyai….Our gang will follow whenever there is food….We woke up as early as 6 a.m and was rewarded with an array of yummilicious local food and a very meaningful scene….Mostly are finger food and most of them are made fresh in front of your eyes.
The view that morning was wonderful. The sun was about to rise and the sky were still misty…I love the colour of the sky at that moment. Lightly filled with blue and orange hues…
Hat Yai149
Apparently, Hatyai is a place where there is a lot of Cable Poles along the street in the city or even in the urban area. It adds more dimension to my street photos.
Hat Yai141
As we cross the road, we see one of the prayer activity where locals purchase birds and release them to air as a way to buy merits. It gives an instant good Karma.
Hat Yai144A lady pointing for the bird she want to release to the sky later on.
This morning market is called Kimyong Market.
Shall we move on to the street food? First up were these really cute tiny balls made from flour.
Hat Yai151Aunty pour the flour liquid with full concentration onto each holes to ensure it is nicely filled.
Then the cooked brownish ball will be flip over to another brownish ball to make it become a round ball. This fluffy and watery filling balls taste super yummy especially when it is coated with sugar!
Hatyai86Sugar Brownish Balls
Then we have this big round Bubbly Waffle with coconut fillings.
Hat Yai154
Crunchy on the edge and soft in the centre. The coconut flakes is nice to chew!!
Hatyai85Bubbly Waffle!
We move on to the another Waffle which look familiar. Though there is no filling in the centre I love it’s simplicity!
I spotted this cute dessert which look like a mangosteen fruit.
Ain’t these little Mangosteen Jelly look cute huh?? I love it so much…The purple colour jelly taste a bit like lavender and the white cream on top taste a little creamy and a little salty. I love how the jelly pair with the cream, great pairing!
In Malaysia, I rarely taste a yummy pork satay, but at Hatyai everything is possible. The smoky Pork Satay taste heavenly! The tender and juicy sweet pork with the sweet sauce all over it definitely make us salivate on it!!
Hatyai98Me chewing down the Pork Satay.
Apparently, there is much more snack available in this market. If you eat all of them it can be a very satisfying breakfast.
Hatyai Kimyong Morning Market
  • Location : 62 Nipat u-thit 3 Hatyai, Songkhla
  • Nearby Attraction : Hatyai Night Market, Central Shopping Mall & Odean Shopping Mall
Our Krazy group has bigger space for a decent Breakfast that morning. So we ask around for direction as well as recommendation for breakfast from the locals. This kind uncle who sell roast pork show us the map on how to go to the Dim Sum restaurant. 
Picture courtesy of Ding Xiang
We walk across a few block to finally arrived at this Dim Sum shop. I can’t read Thai language so I don’t know the name of this restaurant. The restaurant located a block across Odean shopping mall and beside the restaurant is New Hoover Tour & Express.
The dim sum were in a smaller size and stacked on a glass display for guest to select the desired dim sum.
imagePick your Dim Sum!!!
Picture courtesy of Ding Xiang
The dim sum emphasize on meat where most of the fillings are filled with pork or fish meat unlike the one we had in Malaysia which are filled with big prawns. Another difference is most of the dim sum are dipped in sweet gravy.
This is definitely something different compare to what we usually see in Malaysia. We love how sweet and tender the pork meat is.
The crystal skin was steam to the right texture!
My favourite quail egg dim sum taste as good as it looked!
Shitake Mushroom Dim Sum, juicy mushroom gives a really nice aroma to the meat!! YUMS!!
Sadly, the glutinous rice was too hard and dry for my liking…
Within 10 minutes all dim sum was down to our stomach!! You can imagine how yummy these dim sum is!!!!!!!!!! We definitely had a good time that morning…We love how the dim sum is different from our country!!!
Hatyai Kimyong Morning Market
  • Location : Thanon Nipatuthit 3 Hat Yai Songkhla Thailand
  • Nearby Attraction : Hatyai Night Market, Central Shopping Mall & Odean Shopping Mall
Signing off for tonight…Upcoming travel post will be our journey to Krabi Emerald Pool!!! Woohooo…stay tuned ya!!

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