Thursday, March 28, 2013


clip_image002They’re back..

The long awaited the sequel to Rise of The Cobra, G.I. Joe: Retaliation has arrived and with its massive marketing on the trailer, the movie action looks promising enough. Directed by Jon M. Chu whose previous works includes Step Up 2 & 3D, the movie picks up somewhere later after the nanomites battle (From the first movie) where Duke is now in charged of G.I Joe’s Tactical Assault Unit with some new member in the team and the threat from Cobra is still active with Zartan whom had assimilated into the White House by disguising as the President while keeping the real President hidden from the world but unknown to all including the Joes.

clip_image003That’s a BIG BBQ fire going on there..

Soon the evil scheme is unveil as Zartan launches a strike force to eradicate the Joe’s after their mission to recover the nuke from a facility. While barely surviving the massacre, a few Joes had managed to pull through and aiming for to avenge all their fallen comrades. With no one else to turn to, the Joes will have to pull in every resource and align themselves with some high unlikely ally for the sake of the common enemy which had destroyed their most precious to them and to retaliate in full force.

clip_image005Thank goodness for the reflective tint, could really roll the eyes..

From sunny desert to the hot ground battlefield, the action sequence is just stunning. Heavy explosion and intense fighting coordination scene, is a perfect mixture for action movie as such. Along with some big names like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who plays Roadblock (aka Marvin F Hinton) whom takes fancy with anything that pack a blast, Adrianne Palicki plays the sexy but tough as nail, Lady Jaye and special appearance by Bruce Willis as (Ret) Jeneral Joseph Colton. Though the action sequence is impressive and excellent portrayal of the characters, it had lack on the core element that made the initial movie a ticket seller. It is apparent that everything is being squeezed into the tight 2 hour slot which in length, should have given more room for growth in terms of story line and character.

clip_image006Could do better, not?

Albeit slight disappointment on how the movie goes, the special effects is just mind blowing and the flow of motion is unrestricted. The fine thought would be great if the director and producer had brought back more familiar character and expand further on the story. Overall, absolutely a great entertainment and must watch for all. So grab a popcorn and catch it the cinema near you today. Till the next review.




Director : Jon M. Chu
Writers : Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick
Stars : Dwayne Johnson, D.J. Cotrona, Channing Tatum

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