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Friday, March 22, 2013

Fresh Code? What code? A code that open up door to unlimited supplies of FRESH Fruit Juices, Smoothies & Sorbets.

Fresh Code20Fresh Code Main Entrance

Fresh Code juice bar give a relaxed and warm feeling when one enters.

Fresh Code6Grass wall, wooden furniture and a LCD to show how fruit juice is extracted.

I personally love the wood elements and green grass wall in Fresh Code. It make ones feel like drinking fruit juice in a farm! Good Job for creating such great ambient for us!

Fresh Code5Fruits Image to create a colourful elements in the juice bar.

Easy to refer menu board equipped with every info you need to know before ordering!

imagePricing, Fruit used in the Juice as well as the benefit of each juice all available on the Menu Board!

All fruits are squeezed immediately right after they harvest it from the farm. There is no other way FRESHER than this!!! Imagine drinking fruits harvest at the best seasonal from it’s best origins!!! Personally I never thought this could be possible unless you travel around the world!! Thanks to Fresh Code for implementing the High Pressure Processing (HPP), we can now drinks pasteurized juice extract from REAL FRESH FRUITS!!

“HPP uses High Pressure and low temperature without utilizing any additives, thus maintaining the nutrients of the fruit juice while keeping it as natural as possible. Fresh fruits are subjected to HPP within 6 hours from harvest and the produce is stored below freezing temperature(-18°C) before delivering to Fresh Code.”

High Fibber Pineapple juice was the first sample for the day. This is good for those who have digestion problem!! So far this is the best pineapple juice I’ve every taste!! The concentrated pineapple juice give a very strong flavours of natural pineapple unlike those sold in bottles which is just plain sweet. Fresh Code use Queen Pineapple that had ripen to produce the juices. This is the main reason for it’s natural sweet!! The pineapple pulps in the juice create a dimensional chewy texture instead of clear juices.

imageHigh Fiber Pineapple Juice, RM 7.90 (R) & RM 8.90 (L)

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While I seeping this pineapple goodness, Alex the owner of Fresh Code explain to me that all fruit juice are packed fresh and to prove that statement they actually bring the juice for freshness test and obtain more than 90% score.

We also had Watermelon Plus. If you had too much food that consist of acid such as meats then you blood may not have a balanced pH. Watermelon is a great fruit to boost alkaline-forming in your body. This has a slightly different flavour compare to the usual watermelon juice I had. Somehow, I don’t know how to describe it! Don’t get me wrong, it does not taste bad just different!

Fresh Code17Watermelon Plus, RM 6.90 (R) & RM 7.90 (L)

From the small one we move on the big ones. Each of us get to choose one juice from the menu. Honestly, I do not know which to choose!! All of them look so deliciously good!! I decided to get my afternoon fixed with tropical fruits!! Multifruit Vital , a combination of Pineapple, Mango, Passion Fruit and Banana. This is one of their best seller. I love the Fragrant mango aroma…This juice is very refreshing and the fruits flavour balanced really well. Not too sweet nor too sour! Perfect for me! If you need to lower your blood pressure this the juice you should go for!

Fresh Code7Multifruit Vital, RM 10.90 (R) & RM 11.90 (L)

Thomas on the other hand get a try on the Mango Booster. Needless to say the Mango Fragrant is so strong that I couldn’t resist having few sips!! This drink are those who want’s something sweet for the day!! I love the sweetness and the concentrated mango juice! This juice is a great juice to reduce your cholesterol levels! It also filled with lots of vitamin C! I bet children will love this drink!

Fresh Code9Mango Booster, RM 7.90 (R) & RM 8.90 (L)

Mokky on the other hand have the berries goodness, the Berry Blast. The colour look so lovely, it’s 100% natural colour no colouring is added!!! The berry family member (Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry & Strawberry) adjourn together is this cup to form a strong antioxidant that will benefits the brain, eye & skin. For ladies, this will help enhance your outlook as well!!! Taste wise I found it too sour for my liking BUT Mokky loves it that way! I prefer Multifruit Vital and Mango Booster more…

Fresh Code8Berry Blast, RM 11.90 (R) & RM 12.90 (L)

The next session will be review of Sorbet!!! They are all 100% made of fresh fruits!! I assured you will love every scoop of it! Pink Guava Sorbet definitely melts many hearts!! The pink guava sweetness taste heavenly! This sweet sorbet helps protect cell from UV rays.

IMG_0836Pink Guava Sorbet, RM 5.90 (1 Scoop) & RM 9.90 (2 Scoop)

Taiwan Lychee Sorbet is extremely good too. I believe they had use lots of lychee to make this sorbet as the after taste of it still lingers in my mouth even after sometime! I don’t usually get this after taste in other sorbet. You know what Lychee can help reduce weight!!! Waaaa Desserts that won’t cause fat but reduce fat!!! I will have lots of this!!!

Fresh Code16Taiwan Lychee Sorbet, RM 5.90 (1 Scoop) & RM 9.90 (2 Scoop)

They also have Berry Bliss a.k.a Berry Blast flavour Sorbet. Similar with the juice earlier!

Fresh Code13Berry Bliss Sorbet, RM 6.90 (1 Scoop) & RM 10.90 (2 Scoop)

Passion Fruit Sorbet look adorable with it’s black seed! Not sure it’s because passion fruit itself taste rather plain but I can’t taste much flavour here. This helps to prevent heart disease.

Fresh Code11Passion Passion Sorbet, RM 5.90 (1 Scoop) & RM 9.90 (2 Scoop)

Last Sorbet for the day is Hawaiian Paradise which is another version of Multifruit Vital Juice. However I like the juice more or maybe the Pink Guava sorbet is too good that it utilize all of my taste nerve!!

Fresh Code15Hawaiian Paradise, RM 5.90 (1 Scoop) & RM 9.90 (2 Scoop)

So whatcha waiting for? Hurry down to Fresh Code to get refreshing drink and irresistible sorbet that is healthy!! Swap those sugar based dessert to a healthy Fruit Juices & Fruits Sorbets.

For other available juices and sorbet refer to below menu kay?

Fresh Code10Fresh Code Full Menu

Before I end this post I would like to extend my thank you to to Food Director for invitation to Fresh Code that save me from melting under the Hot Sun in a healthy way!! If you want to join food director hangout like I do remember to register with them at

Fresh Code

No. 23 Jalan SS21/37,

Damansara Utama (Uptown),

47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Fresh Code FB :

Fruit Juices: 9/10
Price : 6/10 ( very reasonable)
Facility : 8/10 (Wifi is available, however parking may be a little bit difficult)
Ambient Environment : 8/10 (Lovely farm theme, I prefer if there is cushioned seats instead of wooden chair)
Service : 8/10 ( Friendly smile and good explanation on which to order)


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