February Catra Coffee Challenge: ACME Bar & Coffee

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Yes I know it’s a little late as now is March already, February is a busy month for everyone especially we Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year. Please forgive my late post. Are you excited for this month coffee discovery?

I supposed to visit Coffee Coffea last month but I was tempted by the delicious Jackfruit Cake so i thought I shall keep Coffee Coffea for March.

Acme21Decorations in ABC!

ACME Bar & Coffee or so call ABC, they put a lot of effort in designing the restaurant to give visitor a feeling of timeless space when they step in.


picture courtesy of my.lifestyleasia.com

I love the fact that every table and corner is filled with fresh vibrant colour flowers. From the first step into the restaurant to the table and even to the washroom you will be welcome with blooms of flowery smell in the air.

Acme4Beautiful Pink Rose

Displaying the sweet goodness cake on the bar will sure make you drooling over it. This is the reason I came here in the first place. I know my assignment is for the coffee but I'm sure all of you loves cakesssss…

Acme15Look at those yummy sweet treats? Irresistible…

We decided to order salad, cakes, desserts, pasta, soups, fish to share among us. We were disappointed with the service the crew provided. First, didn’t they know dessert and cake always come last? Unless the diner asked to serve before hand? Everything is jumbled up, dessert become starter, starter become main and main become dessert! Secondly, I supposed we have a special spoon to go with our mushroom soup? We only given the normal size spoon. We are not dining at the road stall so I expect they should have this basic knowledge. I hope the crew of ACME Bar & Coffee will take this into consideration and do something about it.

Skip to coffee my assignment of the day. We have Flat White and Latte. As much as the coffee art look adorable and beautiful, the taste wasn’t too awesome. Coffee aroma not too strong and the milk not so smooth. Oh well perhaps I will visit ABC for other thing not coffee.

Acme Bar LatteLatte, RM 15.00

Acme Bar Flat WhiteFlat White, RM 15.00

Their price was sky high doesn’t really justify except the restaurant environment. I remember how much I love going to Levain Boulangerie Pastisserie for their Latte where they have very beautiful setting too but their Latte only cost me RM 7.50.

Now let’s move on to the cake, Jack Fruit Cake. Love the vibrant colour but taste wise is okay only. Not too memorable though.

Acme Bar jack Fruit CakeJack Fruit Cake, RM 15.00

Star for the day is non other than this Light as Air Pavlova where I posted about it few days ago. The moment it arrived we were all salivating over it! My camera love the colours it gave! The Pavlova made from sugar wasn’t too sweet just the sweetness I love. The cream is fresher than ever with the slice of strawberry that compliments it really well. The base passion fruit juice add more taste to this lovely dessert!

 ACME Bar Light as Air PavlovaLight as Air Pavlova, RM 15.00

The Chunky Mushroom Soup wasn’t chunky at all, it pretty much diluted. My friends Catherine and Andrew even comment it taste more like Chinese soup cook by their A-Ma! I LOLed hard… However, the bread cube was really delicious..So crunchy good to dip with the mushroom soup!

Acme9Chunky Mushroom Soup, RM 23.00

Then we have Strawberry, Pamelo and Rocket Salad. I love all the ingredients tossed in this salad. A combination of strawberry, pamelo, edible flowers and Arugula Salad (Rocket Salad) with Balsamic Vinegar Dressing. The sweet flower, tangy strawberries and the bursting juicy pamelo pulp just too awesome. The peppery Arugula salad mixed up the entire ingredient really well. Perfecto!

Acme11Strawberry, Pamelo & Rocket Salad, RM 21.00

Here comes our mains which is Smoked Duck Pasta. They did a really good job by infusing the smoked duck flavour onto the pasta. The pasta was cook to Al-Dente! The slices of Smoked Duck is way too delicious that I almost want to have it all by my own!!

Acme Bar Smoke Duck PastaSmoked Duck pasta, RM 35.00

The Pan Seared Sea Bass look very tasty, but according to Andrew it taste normal. So i guess you can skip this?

Acme Bar Pan Seared Sea BassPan Seared Sea Bass, RM 39.00 

Well there is hit and misses, if they will improve in their service perhaps I will reconsider visiting them again. Their prices are on the high side especially beverages but giving that kind of environment it kinda justify the price eh? Well you be the judge!

Coffee : 3/10  Food : 5/10
Price : 3/10 (Very pricey)
Facility : 2/10 (no WIFI connection)
Ambient Environment : 9/10
Service : 3/10

ACME Bar & Coffee

The Troika  Jalan Binjai,

50450 Kuala Lumpur,

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-2162 2288


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