Valentine New Year

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let me wish each of everyone of you a very Happy Birthday as today is 7th day of Chinese New Year known as Rénrì (人日, the common man's birthday) is the day when everyone grows one year older. In some overseas Chinese communities in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia and Singapore, it is also the day when tossed raw fish salad, yusheng, is eaten for continued wealth and prosperity.


I wasn’t able to update my blog as frequent since I was so tied up with work after the second day of CNY. My company laptop is corrupted and have to wait for almost a week before I could get a replacement. This year is rather special as Valentine Day fall during Chinese New Year week and this year my Chinese New Year Celebration was a bit different. Today I doesn’t feel like writing too much. So could I tell my stories through my photos?

20130210_165543Me and Mum on first day of CNY.

20130210_190352Me and Brother. We don’t look alike right?

20130210_200233Home cooked Fried Broccoli & Celery

20130210_202759Mum steam this really smooth and delish Tiger Garoupa Fish.

20130211_135621OOTD for day 2. I love this Vintage dress by Maxtino. I love their dresses!

20130211_161118Meeting Wen on 2nd day of CNY! She just got back from Singapore!

20130211_161713All my Single Club forum friends where I get to know Thomas. Smile

20130211_162636Some of the singles had found their the other half and some even got married with newborn baby.

20130211_192732First Year celebrating CNY over at Thomas’s Family house. Filled with yummy food!!


20130212_123935My Favourite Steam Assam Fish!

20130213_215150With Thomas on Valentine Eve!!

20130213_215847Welcoming Valentine with Lion Dance!! This is weird but who cares!!

20130213_215928The Lion is so creative oh!!

20130213_222031Huge Family CNY Celebration!! My #FirstTime!

and that’s how I celebrate my Valentine Day with Lion Dance, dong dong chiang, dong dong chiang….In fact, knowing it will clash with so many house visiting we celebrate our valentine day a week earlier.


Here’s a snippet of Valentine wishes from Thomas to me!

"As the hours of night have came to pass,
The sweet serenade whisper words of joy,
Though the weary body is evident,
However the beating heart remained steadfast,
Ever so longing for the warm caress of the tender touch,
Reminiscent of the scent that draw from the purest light,
Moist from the still clear waters of the Everglades,
The distance had caught the heart aching from being apart,
Being in love with you and still crazy over you has been my greatest adventure and journey which i wish would span over centuries, so i could continue on the journey and adventure with you in the following lifetime."
Happy Valentine
Cindy Tong

Yesterday we quarrel over something but I’m not going to brag about it here! To me being together is the willingness to tolerate with each other and willing to accept our partners bad habits or their bad attitude.

To my darling, thank you for loving me each day and bring me joy each day. Thought we quarrel at times but that’s the elements that bring us closer by getting to know each other a little more. Though Valentine Day has passed but it’s not the only day to tell someone how much you love them. and so Happy Valentine Day Thomas hope to spend Valentine Day with you next year!

I’m still a happy girl today..meeting up with Thomas for a good dine out later! This is how i celebrate my Valentine New Year what about you all? Let me know how you celebrate these big celebration alright? XOXO


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