Samsung EcoBubble Washing Machine

Friday, February 01, 2013

What do you get when technology, human and nature gets tossed into a photoshoot recording? A well documented hilarious to brighten up the day. Don’t see where and what? Check out the video.


In the 2 min video, most viewers might get deceived by the serious setting that depicts the intended photoshoot by the onset crews whom in the midst of setting up the washing machine for the shoot when the sudden abrupt brought upon by the grizzly bear. Survival instinct? RUN LIKE HELL.. Well that didn’t happen here as someone (The voice could almost relate to Robert Downey Jr in the “Iron Man” suit but not..) told the crew to stay calm and it’s fine (With the BEAR??). Thinking the bear would move along, the crew hold position to continue filming the bear that apparently took fancy with the machine and here is where it gets wicked.

The bear stripped (YA, You read it right.. STRIPPED) its fur and tossed into the washing machine. It really cracks up when the bear started relax over a series of activity which is hilarious and when its done, the bear donned back the fur and shaking off the snow flakes, it suddenly became a polar bear. Subsequently, other bears came about to the machine to get the laundry done. By the end of it, i was dumbfounded and am impressed of the ingenuity of idea placed into the commercial.

Simplicity of this commercial is truly remarkable as it brings the prominent point and gives the emphasis that machine could actually wash off stubborn or coloured stains meanwhile maintain an eco friendly relationship with nature with its EcoBubble technology. This evident in the commercial as the bear had immediate slipped into its fur which turns from brown to white with no hassle due to the technology incorporated into the machine which uses a bubble generator to dissolve detergent into the water and then inject air, producing a rich soapy foam cushion.

When the EcoBubble™ technology is applied, the detergent is better dissolved into the water and faster penetration into clothes is achieved, so less hot water is needed to aid the cleaning process. The Super Eco Wash programme washes at just 15°C, with the results of a 40°C wash. The softer and smoother bubble action also protects delicate clothes such as outdoor wear and water-repellent fabrics which we can thoroughly clean off all the dirt from a day at the park or in the country but with the exception of the clothes will stay looking new for longer.


The highlight would be its high capacity (12 kgs) per wash which many people could rest easy by dumping all into the chute. However with big capacity, come loud noises due to an unbalanced load, which we could beg to differ as the machine comes fitted Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology™. With Samsung's VRT™ technology, the built in sensors would keep the drum perfectly balanced even at high spin speeds, regardless of the load size so it would hardly noticeable that the machine is running. Now I know I can keep calm and not to be paranoid anymore with some loud clunking sound.


To compliment with its Samsung's VRT™, Samsung had fitted a digital inverter motor that is brushless which would mean that the motor is able to run at lower temperatures and uses less energy than its predecessor model motors. The motor is expected to have a longer expected lifespan (10 years warranty) due to the fewer moving parts. Hence we won’t be worrying about the motor failing in the midst of a wash cycle.


Samsung EcoBubble Washing Machine comes with anti limescale heater. These ceramic heaters prevent calcium compound build-up. The calcium build-up absorbs more electricity and requires special detergents to dissolve the calcium compounds which could be a hassle. The quick-heating ability of ceramic heaters increases energy efficiency, translating into cost savings on the next electricity bill.


A simple zigzag through its user friendly display panel would get you familiarise the wash setting programmes and monitoring the process of a cycle easy which would be great for people like me that hardly read the thick manual. The quickest cycle available is the 15 min quick wash which would be the good solution if there is a pressed for time situation that most often I would encounter.


Samsung Eco Drum Clean extends the life of your washing machine and keeps it looking brand new. At the push of a button, hot water and a high-speed cycle would get rid of detergent residue, dirt and odour-causing bacteria. clip_image008

Samsung’s Home Appliances comes with a 5 Year Warranty and an extra 3-year warranty on products like washing machines, refrigerators, ovens and hobs would give a peace of mind for the years to come.

With this new machine and its revolutionary technologies, I can say goodbye to the long laundry hours and hefty electric bill, time to get the Samsung’s EcoBubble Washing Machine.


1. All testing was conducted in accordance with the European standard IEC 60456, which sets out methods for measuring the performance of clothes washing machines for household use. Independent third party tests were performed on models WF1124 and WF0804. Internal tests were conducted on certain other models.

2. The independent third party testing was carried out with a 4kg load on (a) a 40°C cotton programme and (b) the Super Eco programme at 15°C, both on Samsung washing machines, models WF1124 and WF0804.

3. The exact energy savings with the Super Eco programme at 15°C will vary slightly depending on the model of Samsung ecobubble™ machine used.

4. This is sponsored post.


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