Laura Mercier Eye Primer & Kate Eye Liner [Review]

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello ladies…It’s quite a while since I last review beauty product eh? No worries, I’m back to review these great Eye Makeup Product I has just discovered.

20130224_231021Top: Kate Ultrathin Eyeliner, RM 39.90

Bottom : Laura Mercier Eye Primer, RM 95.00

Laura Mercier has been around Malaysia for quite some time now. I heard so much about it but their prices is way out of my budget. Thanks to the event I attend recently I receive a RM50 Laura Mercier voucher. Personally I have never try eye primer yet thought I heard so much hype about Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion. Decided to use the voucher to get myself a eye primer.

Seriously I love this Laura Mercier Eye Primer so much! It do wonders to my eyes. It comes in a see through bottle with a small brush applicator.

Laura Mercier Eye Primer Brush Applicator

It’s easy to apply, just dab three dot on your eye lids and slowly dab to even it out.

Laura Mercier Eye Primer ApplicationLaura Mercier Eye Primer after application














Left : Apply Primer on the Eye Lid  Right: Spread evenly over the entire eyelid

I love the smooth texture finishing of this eye primer. It also helps even out my eye lid colour tone. The primer make my eye shadow application easier too. The eye shadow colour seems to attach easily without falling off. The best part is my eye shadow and eyeliner intact for more than 5 hours under warm ambient. I believe if under air conditioning room where I don’t sweat as much it can last longer!!

Laura Mercier Eye Primer Before and AfterWith Laura Mercier Eye Primer and Kate Eye Liner.

Actually the before and after not much different right? The pencil eyeliner still in one line, smudge proof!! Even thought it’s priced at RM95.00 I think it worth every penny. For this long lasting effect, I wouldn’t mind paying for it!

Cindy’s Verdict

  • Smooth Texture Finish
  • Help even out my eye lid colour tone
  • Easy Application
  • Long Lasting up to 8 hour
  • Slightly pricy (RM 95.00) but for the quality it worth it!

Let’s move on to another product which is Kate Ultra Thin Auto Eyeliner. I don’t usually fancy auto eyeliner but after suggested by my friend, I decided to try it out!!

Kate Ultra thi Auto Pencil Eyeliner

WOW, I love it so much!!! The selling point for this eyeliner definitely the fine tip which help creating fine lines so easy! Being auto eyeliner mean sharpener is not needed!! It’s gives a solid line and it doesn’t smudge easily!!


It does not smudge even runs under water. Superb Waterproof results!

I also try using my hand to rub it a little to see where the colour will smudge.

Eye17Top : After Smudge the line w/o going through water. Bottom : After smudge where line was run through by water earlier.

I think I will stick with this eyeliner for quite sometime as it really define my eyes really well and can me very long lasting. Let me show you the before and after picture again.

Laura Mercier Eye Primer Before and After

With the help from Laura Mercier Primer, Eyeliner sits really well and stay put throughout the day!

Cindy’s Verdict

  • Solid colours
  • Easy to apply with the fine tip
  • Last for 5-6 hours by itself and 7-8 hours with Eye Primer on!
  • Affordable price (RM 39.90 each)
  • The auto feature where is it on one way. So if you turn too much there is no way for turning back!

That’s all from me tonight! Signing off..good night!


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