Kechara Oasis @ Viva Mall, KL

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kechara Oasis has few other branch but this branch in Viva Mall is very spacious. I love the set up here with very calm and peace environment.

Kechara Oasis25Kechara Oasis Grand Entrance.

The interior is very grand and I supposed this is how Fine Dining Vegetarian restaurant look like. The first feeling entering the restaurant gives a little chill as the air conditioner was really cold and filled with Buddhist Goddess Statues. This is my personal feel, to other it may not affect much as I don’t quite like the mantra or Buddhist song in temple. It’s just me! We were being escorted to the VIP dining room. Entering this room feel much better. Some of Openricer has arrived and were chatting. The room on the other hand was filled with very grand furniture such as Suede Leather chair, huge dining table and beautiful lighting.

20130206_181623Huge Dining table at Kechara Oasis.

Seriously I do not know where to begin with as the eating experience here wasn’t bad nor good. That night we were serve with only 2 main meal which is steamboat and fried rice.

To begin with, I must admit the idea of boiling the soup inside a Winter Melon was really creative.

Kechara Oasis42

The soup taste almost close to Bah Kut Teh soup but minus the meat sweetness. The soup flavour is good but there is no elements of winter melon in the soup. The winter melon serve more like a decoration instead of adding flavour into the soup. Creativity alone does not impress me much if the taste was not there!

Kechara Oasis44Winter Melon Pot filled with ingredients.

My other concern are this Winter Melon soup alone cost a bomb!! RM 69.90 for this small pot that can only be filled with 3 plates of ingredient before it is full.  While the other ingredient are by ala carte and the portion are quite small considering it’s meatless I think for a family of 4 you may need at least 10 plates to fill your tummy.

The ingredient including soy product like Tofu and Beancurd Skin, Cheesy Ball and Vegetarian Fish Ball, Vegetables, Mushroom as well as Vegetarian Seafood Product. The ingredient wasn’t really memorable to me perhaps I’m more meat eater!! LOL.

page1Winter Melon Steamboat with ala-carte ingredients.

A plate of Greenish Fried Rice arrived on the table. It got me thinking for a while!! What is this dish made off??? It’s called Xiang Chun Fried Rice, fried with  Tuna Leaves which gives a really good herb aroma!!

Kechara Oasis47Xiang Chun Fried Rice.

Each grain of rice is well separated and filled with the strong aroma of the Tuna Leave as well as the strong wok hei!! Apart from that, the tiny cutlet of long bean gives this really crunchy texture!!! Uniquely delicious!! This is one good plate of fried rice.

Kechara Oasis48A spoonful of Xiang Chun Fried Rice.

Overall, I would think it will be better to try out their other fried dishes instead of the steamboat. I briefly run through Google and read a few good review on their fried dishes. Special Thanks to Open Rice for the invitation.

Food : 4/10 for steamboat 7/10 for fried rice
Price : 4/10 (It’s rather pricy for me maybe I just doesn’t know how to appreciate Vegetarian Culinary)
Facility : 5/10 (Located inside Viva Mall, not much amenities unless you want to look for furniture)
Ambient Environment : 4/10 (Too cold)
Service : 7/10

Lot 2-08, 2nd Floor,

West Wing, Viva Home,

85, Jalan Loke Yew,

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, 55200

Tel: 03 – 9284 1818
H/P: 019 – 361 8333
Fax: 03 – 9281 8118

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