January Catra Coffee Challenge: Butter & Beans @ Seventeen

Friday, February 01, 2013

This month I discover another new entry of butter that melt on the pastry and beans that burn to perfect aroma cuppa of coffee. This pretty sum up to Butter & Beans a new outlet in Section Seventeen PJ. I read the review all over my blogroll about the coffee and the pastries and thus captured my attention for a visit soon. I thought it will be some huge cafe located over a rich community ( I never been to Section 17 yet) to my surprise Butter & Beans is a cute coffee shops that could fit approx 6pax indoor and 8pax outdoor and it’s located at the ground floor of one of the block of flat.

Butter & Beans

This place bring back a lots of my childhood memory where I used to stay in a flats and we kid back in 20 years like to ran down to the grocery shops to buy toys especially those with a machine where we insert 20 cents coins and turn to get a small plastic egg that contains mystery toys.

Butter & Beans operates in a open concept, walk in and you could see all choices in front of your eyes.. Little did I know Butter & Beans is sister company of Food Foundry which located few blocks away.

Butter & Beans Pastry, Danish, Puff & CroissantDanish, Tart, Quiche & Croissant

Butter & Beans Breads Baguette, Ciabatta and Sandwich LoafBaguette, Ciabatta and Sandwich Loaf

Butter & Beans Coffee MenuThe Coffee Menu on the Wall!

Just pick and make the payment! Sit back and wait for the pastry and coffee to be served.

Butter & Beans Outdoor Seat

The friendly barista, Neil bring our coffee and Danish over to our table. The coffee aroma was strong even before I bring it close to me, a sip will kick start my brain!


I order Flat White this time, and i love how it turns out to be stronger in coffee taste and less milky compare to Latte. It is prepared by pouring a micro foam over a double shot of espresso. This explains why the coffee do most of the talking in flat white and  it’s good to go along with cakes and quiche.

Butter & Beans Flat WhiteThe winning Flat White, RM 9.00

A good place as such, I will not go alone! I brought along Thomas, Alexa & Winnie. They each chose their preferred cup of coffee. Thomas is very happy with his Americano, he say the coffee taste is perfecto. According to him, the layer of coffee fat is just nice.

B&B14The black Americano, RM 6.00

Alexa & Winnie have the same taste when comes to coffee, specifically Cappuccino. Cappuccino is a comfort coffee for most people. Both Alexa & Winnie continue sipping the Cappuccino happily without a word till the half of the cup is gone, I asked “so how’s the Cappuccino? I supposed it’s too good eh?” All I see is a nod and a smile…

Butter & Beans CappucinoCappuccino served hot, RM 9.00

We carry on with a great chat over a great spread of Danish, Croissant, Tart, Cake and Quiche we picked from the rack. It was a really great chat and the weather is just perfectly shine through with a lil help of wind the entire ambient reminds me of summer in England.

imageUs with Barista Neil, aint he look cute!

The Raspberry Orchid cake did capture my heart even with only it’s picture and names. Though Rebecca Saw commented it look dry but yet I couldn’t resist a slice. Undeniable, the cake texture was really dry…a lil hard to take in by itself but with a sip of coffee is good.. However, the Orchid flavour is really unique and it bring a hint of fragrant sweet to every  bite! We inform the owner, and she said they will add up a notch of butter to loosen the cake and will give it more moist. Do you know Butter & Beans uses a good quality butter, Lescure Butter from French that bring stronger aroma but less salty!

Butter & Beans Rasberry OrchidRaspberry Orchid Cake, RM 10.00

We move on to some Danish Fruits Tarts, my all time favourite. They did it the way I like it, little flaky on the surface on first bite and the fruit make everything so good to chew together that afternoon.

Butter & Beans Apricot Danish Fruits Tart

Butter & Beans Blueberry Danish Fruits Tart

Apricot Fruit Tart & Blueberry Fruit Tart, RM 5

I love the Blueberry Fruit Tart more as in the layer of custard is very yummy especially when go along with the blueberry paste. It’s not that the Apricot Fruit Tart is not good, just that i like the former one more.

Another highlight here is the Quiche. Salmon Quiche is my call and I love it!! Just a lil bit too salty but texture was good..Not too moist!

IMG_0044Salmon Quiche, RM 10.00

According to Neil, Mushroom Quiche is highly recommended. It is true that this slice of Quiche doesn’t disappoint at all.

Butter & Beans Salmon QuicheMushroom Quiche, RM 10.00

This is a really nice place for a afternoon tea only one thing is very compact inside. It will be good if they expand the cafe. Nevertheless I will visit Neil again for Latte next round!

Coffee: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Facility: 7/10 (WIFI speed is good)
Ambient Environment: 5/10 (Too compact and not much seats)
Service: 9/
10 ( Very Attentive and friendly smile)

Butter & Beans @ Seventeen

BG-1A, Happy Mansion,

Jalan 17/13, Section 17,

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


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