Hatyai/ Krabi TSDayOut Day 1 Part 1/2: The long journey to Hatyai

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Where do I begin? Wokay let’s begin with I gotten the invitation to join Krabi TSDayout Special Edition organized by Tourism Selangor. Indeed it was a moment that I never forget. I thought I have to restrain myself from travelling to save up for my bigger travel in 2014. All thanks to Tourism Selangor for making this trip possible. Going on a road trip to Krabi is something very fun and adventurous to do!!
Do you know what is TSDayOut? if you follow some of my previous post I’ve join 2 TSDayOut and if you had read my post then you already know what is TSDayOut by now. For new reader, welcome to my planet and let me share with you what is TSDayOut.
“There’s so much Selangor has to offer but not many are aware of her beauty. So this is where #TSDayOut comes in.
With the help of social media, we engage with our fans and followers via twitter and Facebook; bring them to explore and experience Selangor first hand with us.
This is also our way of getting to know those who’s been supporting us as well as thanking them for all their effort.
So what do we expect from #TSDayOut? A trip you can have fun!”

So if you want to join in the fun please follow @TourismSelangor in Twitter and their FB Page at Tourism Selangor.
I wake up as early as 5am to get ready to arrive at Tourism Selangor Office by 6.30 a.m. Well off course I went for a breakfast with my Darling before I leave him alone for the weekend!
imageRoti Telur Bawang for Breakfast.
Arrived rather early and met with some of my travel buddies throughout the trip. Shall I introduce all of them to you?
Following are picture of us having really fun time in the pool. It was indeed a very crazy and fun trip! I am extremely happy to get to meet these new friends in this trip along with all the yummy food, stunning places, amazing show, good weather and of course great company.
From left Suresh, Sharon, Melvin, Ding Xiang, Juli, Afiq, Me(behind) and Tian Chad the camera man.
Picture Courtesy of tianchad.com
Suresh is a fun person to travel with. He is always punctual.
Sharon is the hottest teacher in Krabi ooppsss please don’t scold me Sharon. She cannot take spicy food so later on you will read how she suffer through her spicy dinner!! Well, Thailand is famous for their spicy food right?
Melvin is one guy full with funny story and of course some ghost story which make some of us got a lil bit frightened. The most cheerful guy in our gang.
Ding Xiang is the youngest among all and he is the adventure guy. He has conquer many mountain around the world. Ohh he also love taking pictures and he help us take a lot of photos. Thanks to him for the group picture.
Juli on the other hand love spicy food!! She literally drank all the tomyam soup down!!
imageLook at this picture? Big bowl of soup all go down into her stomach.
Picture courtesy of Ding Xiang
Tian Chad is obviously our camera man. He like to use the fish bowl opps I means fish eye lens to take group picture of all of us. He will not go out without his camera on! He takes fantastic photo check out his blog for more of his masterpiece. Thank to Tian Chad for all picture of us.
Jenny Chee not in this big picture. She love everything about food. She is my roomie and also my alarm clock. Ehhehe…Thank you Jenny for waking me up every morning…Hugss.. 
So enough of introducing my travel buddies, let’s move on to our trip. While waiting for others to arrive I took this picture of this beautiful Sultan Sulaiman Royal Mosque located just beside Tourism Selangor office.
Hatyai3Sultan Sulaiman Royal Mosque, Shah Alam.
We travel from Shah Alam all the way to Penang to stop for a lunch. it took us about 5 hours journey.
Penang BridgeCrossing Penang Bridge
Penang TownArrived Penang Town
We will be having lunch at Hotel Royal together with Conference with YB Danny Law Heng Kiang.
Conference at Hotel RoyalMr Fazly & YB Danny giving speech at the Conference.
At the Conference YB Danny introduce some of the activities that Tourism Penang organize to attracts more tourist for example the Penang Bridge International Marathon and Dragon Boat competition. In future we will see more collaboration between Tourism Selangor & Tourism Penang in it’s initiative to provide a travel package of Selangor and Penang to International tourist.
Huhu…Hope there will be TSDayOut Penang edition soon!!
After the conference everyone is treated with huge spread of food at Hotel Royal.
Hatyai126Hotel Royal – Overall view of Lunch Buffet Spread.
Buffet Lunch at Hotel Royal Penang
Meatssss….. I love the Roast Lamb also the Baked Gratin Chicken.
Hotel Royal Penang Buffet LambHotel Royal Lunch Buffet –Meats
Needed some vegetables to detox my body after the meaty dish!! There is purple cabbage, carrot, cucumber and lettuce for you to pick at the Salad Counter. Only Thousand Island dressing is available, taste wise not bad..
Hotel Royal Penang Buffet SaladHotel Royal Lunch Buffet – Salads
Time to sink my teeth into this sweet goodness of desserts. My pick will be the Peach Sponge Cake. Pillow soft and cream taste fresh!
Hotel Royal Penang Buffet DessertHotel Royal Lunch Buffet -  Desserts
How could dessert be without Ice Cream? 4 Flavour to choose from mainly chocolate, sweet corn, strawberry and vanilla.
Hotel Royal Penang Buffet Ice Cream
Very fulfilling lunch I would say and with the price of RM 38++ is definitely a good deal.
Hotel Royal Penang – Lunch Buffet
  • Location : No 3, Jalan Larut, 10050, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
  • Contact Number: 604-226 7888
After the lunch we continue our journey to cross border of Thailand entering Hatyai. Stay tune for my upcoming post. Tata..

Hat Yai/ Krabi 5D4N Itinerary


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