Hatyai/ Krabi TSDayOut Day 1 Part 2/2: Night Filled with Memories

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Continuing from my previous post, we continue our road trip up to Thailand’s border. Throughout the journey from Penang to Thailand give us many opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Penang Bridge overlooking the blue sea of Malacca Strait. This is when my camera get’s the opportunity to snap lot’s of beautiful pictures to feed your eyes reading my entry now.
Penang Bridge StructurePenang -  Bridge Structure
Hatyai17Penang – Huge Ship Tanker
Hatyai18Penang – Sign Boards
Hatyai21Kedah – Paddy Field
This time we didn’t get to walk around Penang, we only manage to get a glimpse of Penang from our bus’s window. For more travel tips and places to visit in Penang, check out my previous write up here.
We had a short break for about 20 minutes at United Fairway Sdn bhd at Bukit Kayu Hitam area.
United Fairway Sdn Bhd Money ExchangerKedah, Bukit Kayu Hitam United Fairway Sdn Bhd - Everyone is asking for the rate!!
At this place you can do your last minute money exchange before you cross the boarder. However, I do recommend you to change it before hand at money changer in KL. My favourite money exchanger that give good rates are My Forex Daily Rates and Best Rates. Both located at LG of Midvalley Megamall KL at centre court side by side.
You can also buy some grocery at this place and also buy drinks. It’s a food court actually but I’m not sure whether they sell food.
TS (113)Kedah, Bukit Kayu Hitam – Overall view of the food court
You can consider having a rest at this place before continue your road trip to Thailand or Kedah. There is also this small shop that sell all kind of Wines and Cigarettes. They claimed to be duty free but I did not went in to check on their prices. If you happen to go there do let me know the prices alright?
TS (114)Kedah, Bukit Kayu Hitam – Star Five Duty Free Sdn Bhd
Kedah Bukit Kayu Hitam – Rest Station
  • Location : Lot 20, K.M. 6.9, Lebuhraya Bukit Kayu hitam, 06010 Changlun, Kedah
  • Attraction : Money Exchange, Duty Free Shop & Grocery Shop
Right after it takes approximately another 20 minutes to arrived at Thailand Immigration Centre.
Thailand Immigration Centre
It cost about 20++ Baht depends on how fast you want to complete the process. I think you know what I mean!! Smile
and we arrived Thailand!!!
After crossing Thai border we were introduced to Ms Inky our tour guide in this trip. She is a very friendly lady and she has this tone that make people fee l very mysterious when is telling ghost stories. Apart from that she is also come loaded with jokes to keep us entertain throughout the journey.
Continue on to Diamond Plaza Hotel where we will be spending a night there. I was screen through the hotel website and the photos doesn’t look too good and that is why I did not put very high expectation.
Hatyai Diamond Plaza Hotel
The hotel lobby wasn’t too bad! There is some sofa and WIFI is available. WIFI is exactly what I need!!!! The room was better that what i thought it will be. The bed was a little hard but still acceptable especially when you are super exhausted. Dressing table is spacious and mirror was good. Not the tiny type of mirror! Surprisingly, it comes with bath tub…huhu my fav…Sadly I don’t have enough time to soak into it.
page2Diamond Plaza Hotel – Overall View of Deluxe Room
One item that I wish they would have upgrade it to a newer version is the hair dryer!! Damn it blow like a normal fan at Speed level #1..God knows when my hair will fully dry! Other than that everything is good and for 1090.00 Baht per night? That was a good fetch!
Oh another added point is the location. Hatyai night market is just a street away.
Hatyai – Diamond Plaza Hotel
  • Location : 62 Nipat u-thit 3 Hatyai, Songkhla
  • Contact Number : 0-7423-0130-41, 0-7435-3140-9 Fax: 0-7423-982
  • Nearby Attraction : Hatyai Night Market, Central Shopping Mall & Ocean Shopping Mall
  • Rate : Deluxe Room w/o breakfast 1090.00 Baht
Everyone is super hungry, so my first meal with my Krabi Krazy Gang was to gobble down the famous Samurai Pork Burger by McDonalds. This is a must have whenever I go Thailand because it is not available in Malaysia!!
As usual our ritual taking few photos before everyone could bite and gobble everything down.
Hatyai Samurai Pork Burger SetMcDonalds – Samurai Pork Burger Large Set
As usual the set come with a Samurai Pork Burger, A glass of Coke and A packet of Fries. Nothing different than the McValue Meal in Malaysia, only difference is the burger!
Hatyai Samurai Pork BurgerMcDonalds – Samurai Pork Burger
No doubt the pork patty were juicy but it lack of texture. Basically it’s more toward flourish than meaty!! I would love it more if they could put more lettuce!!
Hatyai Samurai Pork Burger GrpEveryone can’t wait for the first bite! So the burger is bitten in this picture! 
In fact, the McDonalds in Thailand has more varieties in food selection. They even have a row of pastries on glass display and the sundae ice – cream has few different topping!
Hatyai50McDonalds – McCafe Pastries selection!
Thailand Mcdonald Sundae ToppingMcDonalds – Sundae Topping
Can you see McBubble drink??? I want this in Malaysia too!!!
Thailand Mcdonald Drink SelectionMcDonalds – Drinks Menu
  • Location : Les Garden Plaza
  • Nearby Attraction : Hatyai Night Market, Central Shopping Mall & Ocean Shopping Mall
I know this post is very lengthy and you are asking what is so memorable in Day 1?? Finally we are at the part where everyone end up laughing, feeling disgust or feeling horrible. For me is just another memorable show that goes into my book and will be something I could share with my other travel buddies as well as my blog’s readers.
In Thailand, you will never missed out Thai Girl show unless you opt to! Some may just call it “Tiger Show”. Well read on if you wanna know whether it is about tiger or another thing!
p/s: I need to warn you this part of stories are not suitable for those under 18years old and to those who never watch a porn movie or so, I advise you to skip this part which I had put in Itallic Font!!
So one of my travel buddy in this trip watch the show before. According to her there will be a Lady Boy a.k.a Aqua that means a Guy who converted to become a woman. This Lady Boy will do all kind of stunts using “her” vaginal. For example doing some magic by inserting a item into “her” vaginal and the item will then come out from “her” mouth.
Now this is what actually happen in the show. I’m sorry that I can’t show you any video or picture since it is not allowed in the show.
1. First was a slow traditional dance with 4 lady boy which took bout 10 min. Okay this is a little bored!
2. A Lady Girl literally pull out a strings fire cracker from her “vaginal”. Everyone was in WTF moment!!! I do not know how the she could do it without burning herself
3. Continue with another Lady Boy pull a ribbon out from her “vaginal” and dance as in Ballet Dance! okay this wasn’t too disgusting!
4. Then a couple, a guy and Lady Boy using candle to drip the wax all over their body!! WOW they don’t feel any pain!!! FTW
5. A guy use his dick to weight on the weighing scale against a pamelo and then with watermelon. What??? His dick is so huge then is heavier than watermelon!! I stunt for a little while!
6. Okay so a couple make love in front of us…Urghhhh I feel so disgusting….This wasn’t told by my travel buddy and I’m not expecting this!!! What the heck??
7. Another WTF moment was when a guy play drum & piano using his dick!!! My God!!
10. The show end with a raping scene by a guy dressed in monster costume!!
I feel thankful that the show was finally ended. I seriously feel so disgusting and I probably will not watch again!! However is still a great experience watching the show and it definitely filled my night with  memories of WTF moments of the performance!! LMAO!!

After that everyone was talking about different scene in the show and laughing over it! Some worry they might have nightmare! Oh dear reader I’m sorry that I used so many rude word in earlier paragraph but that show really deserve those word as it is really WTF moment.
So by that it end our night for day 1. Some of us opt for a Thai massage in our room which cost 300.00 Baht for 2 hours session.
So for now, is time for me to take a good rest and get ready for tomorrow work after holidaying for so long. Good night people.

Hat Yai/ Krabi 5D4N Itinerary


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