Gonna Rock NN Stickman’s Birthday Party with My Playlist

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I always love and enjoy some great tunes in music. Music had been the one thing which brought me through my ups and downs. Whenever I am angry or upset, I will drive my car out for some fresh air and pump up the volume on the audio which i would sing out loud! By that my anger therapy had appeased my frustration and anger !!

Since NN Stickman’s Birthday Party is around the corner and we, Nuffnangers get to create a Playlist that will be featured during this coming Fabulous Birthday Bash if we are the chosen ones!!!

It is absolutely awesome to get down and select all the 5 songs that I would love the DJ to feature it at the Party! It’s extremely easy especially with DEEZER where you can discover your favourite artists, tracks and albums anywhere, anytime with over 20 million tracks to choose from.


Pitbull’s song is everyone’s dance tune favourite!! You’ve heard it on the Radio, TV channels, Shopping malls, Bars, Clubs and just everywhere so does in my Blacky a.k.a my car!! Whenever Pitbull a.k.a Mr. Worldwide releases new singles, it will be chart topper!! People just loveeee him, dale. All of his albums are some of my personal favourite!!










Planet Pit featuring his famous tracks that top some of the Trending Song Chart is among my favourite albums!! Mmphhh I wish Cindy’s Planet will win some of the Blogging Award like how Pitbull does!


Love the clean and smooth cover with his Signature Shades!! It’s like a Blue Glass reflection imprint with PITBULL!! Oh Blue is my favourite colour too so I am really loving it!!! That is why my NN Stickman’s Birthday playlist will be including Pitbull’s latest single featuring Christina, Feel this Moment.

I have created NN Stickman’s Birthday playlist using Deezer website. It takes less than 10 minutes to create the entire list!

Drum Roll…….

The Ultimate NN Stickman’s Birthday Playlist!!


You can also share the playlist you created with your friend via Facebook or Twitter. How fun right??

imageMy FB Status Update with Playlist created by Deezer.com


imageMy Tweet on My NN Stickman’s Birthday Playlist

My friend can listen to my playlist with just a click!! So cool…

I can imagine how the song in my playlist gonna heat up the night!!! Welcoming to the party with the Song Opening by DJ Antoinne, Welcome to St. Tropez. Founder would then give an opening speech and by end of the speech, Let’s Get It Started by Black Eye Peas to kick off the party for the night!!! This is a very meaningful night for Nuffnang as well as us the Nuffnanger!! We definitely need to Feel This Moment with Pitbull Featuring Beautiful Christina Aguilera! Atmosphere is getting little hot, to bring it up a notch and let’s everyone Moves Like Jagger with none other than Maroon 5!! Need more hype come on and dance along with Rihanna, S&M!!! This gonna be a HELL of a party!!

Have you Nuffnanger created your own Playlist to score a pair of seat at the NN Stickman’s Birthday Bash yet? Not yet a Nuffnanger? Sign up and join me in the coming NN Birthday Bash by creating your own playlist at Deezer.com . Finger crossed hoping to be the chosen one to attend this awesome possum Party!!! Those who joining this contest GOOD LUCK kay??

For more details on how to score yourself a pair of ticket to attend NN Stickman’s Birthday Bash check out Nuffnang’s Blog.


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