Beautiful Creatures or more like Beautiful Saga?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Move aside Stephenie Meyer, here comes a newcomer for the supernatural and it’s not glittering beings or fang bearing beast. Fresh of the book shelve, “Beautiful Creatures” are of 4 part books from the Caster chronicles for the Beautiful series by authors, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. This movie adaptation is based from the book itself and we should be expecting several more sequels which might be equivalent to the “Twilight” saga.

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[SPOILER!!] Based on the novel, the movie plot had been revised but maintained the core fundamentals of the novel. The story starts with a brief narration by a person named Ethan Wate whom had spent his growing years in small local town called Gatlin, South Carolina and have been dreaming of a same recurring dream which revolves a mysterious girl whose face is covered the hair.

As the narration goes on, Ethan describes how he enjoyed reading banned books by the town folks and mentions the town is pretty much on the flat line. No social outings, no pubs and its pretty much a dead town. Its community holds dear on the religious values and deemed new or something of unknown as the work of evil devil worshippers. Soon Ethan’s world will be forever altered by of the newcomer to the small town, Lena Duchannes whose unfortunate presences prompt many ridicule and due to unknown force, trouble ensues.

clip_image003Goodbye vamps and hello, casters..

Ethan notices the similar resemblance on Lena to the mysterious girl in his dream and proceeds to make acquaintance with her whom turned down the notion even before it was proposed. More dark secrets unravel which will stir up quite mess when Ethan unwittingly got drawn into Lena’s dark secret. It is revealed that she is a long descendant in generations of witchcraft known as Casters.

Casters are given supernatural powers whom abilities includes weather manipulation, physical alteration, telekinesis, and much more. However the downfall is during their 16th birthday, they will undergo a traditional ritual known as the “Claiming” which will determine their path to light or darkness. Lena had dreaded the day to come as she worries that she’ll be claim for the darkness like her cousin / childhood friend, Ridley whose unfortunate path was lead into the darkness. Ethan protest and mentions that she is responsible for her own choices, regardless of the insecurities issues she has, there is much good in her.

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Soon they will set out into a path of trials and tribulations which will put their very existence at risk. With the darkness looms near, unexpected help arrives in the form of others and sometimes sacrifice are just necessary for the sake of the loved ones.


Director : Richard LaGravenese
Writers : Richard LaGravenese (screenplay), Kami Garcia (novel)
Stars :Alice Englert, Viola Davis, Emma Thompson


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