Baliv/ Nusa Lembongan 6D/5N Day 6 Part 1/2: Snorkelling and Swimming in the Breezy Clear Blue Water

Friday, February 01, 2013

The night before was a good sleep and we have sufficient rest! A peace place with not much noise and crowd! We love every bits of it! Woke up with full energy, kick start with a light breakfast as we will be going for snorkelling shortly.
French Toast, Pancake and Jaffle is on the menu. It’s not like super delicious but it’s more like home cook breakfast. Never did I seen before how people grow algae. I was surprise to see the square of algae in the morning after the sea water went down…
DPP996Sea of Algae.
Amazing isn’t it? It was covered by sea water last night!
We order this so called Rosti! Roti I know la but what is this ROSTI?? This is actually a Sweden dish mainly made of potatoes. More like a potato biscuit just not as crunchy as biscuit!
DPP1010Rosti, RP 20,000
Banana Pancake is flourish and sweet with the honey topping.
DPP1012Banana Pancake, RP 20,000
Scramble Egg? more like fried egg to me!
DPP1013Scramble Egg on Toast, RP 20,000
We then walk to the beach in front and catch a boat heading to Nusa Penida Island for snorkelling! The wave is huge there!
DPP1020Algae covered by Sea water in one hour time…
Our boat move slowly at the beginning due to the shallow water depth. Later when  our boat go to the centre of the sea it go faster.
B (1225)
Seriously I’m the only one snorkelling! My dad had too much food went dizzy…My boyfriend is not a water fan so yeah I snorkel alone..
There is a lot of fish but I do not own waterproof casing for my camera so no pictures of fishes and coral. I don’t really like snorkel here mostly because I’m not a good swimmer and the water is freezing cold! Unlike Redang where there is this guy who will bring you to snorkel around the island and bring you starfish and fishes to let you see. Here is all by your own. Unless you are a good swimmer or diver I guess you will prefer to sit by the beach to enjoy the sea view.
The snorkelling cost about RP 42,000 each so cheap compare to in Kota Kinabalu or even Redang.
We stop by around Mangrove area where we had our lunch the day before.
DPP1028Valley surrounded by Mangrove trees.
DPP1026The wooden houses where local stayed.
We then continue to our journey to explore the island on our boat.
Arrived at our bungalow and get freshen up before we go for lunch at Wahyu just opposite our bungalow.
There are few more homestay or hotel in around that area. Wahyu is one of it, it has a small swimming pool too. Mainly for soaking i think, can’t really do a full lap of breast stroke.
Having lunch here is great too…List of local and western food for your selection.
Fish and chips is good as usual. Fried Chicken with Rice doesn’t look appealing and definitely won’t suit my taste as you know I don’t eat anything chilli!!
DPP1032Fish & Chips, RP 30,000
DPP1030Fried Chicken with Rice , RP 25,000
My Chicken Snithzel was really good The garlic give a really good aroma.
DPP1031Chicken Snithzel, RP 38,000
I shall update more on our journey to Nusa Ceningan! Stay Tune.
Wahyu @ Nusa Lembongan
  • Distance: 10 minutes bike ride from Mushroom Bay
  • Specialty : Western food
  • Location: Junggut Batu, Nusa Lembongan


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