Friday, January 25, 2013


7 World Class Artist, 2 days back to back, 1 venue, this Music Festival promised to a massive hit for party lovers and ravers. With such fantastic lineup of names, Redfoo of LMFAO and Party Rock Crew, Steve Aoki, Yolanda Be Cool and many more, the stage is set to rock and shattered the depths of the night. So get ready for some piece of the action.

Day 1

Though it was written from 5 pm onwards, most party people would know the unofficial time to be is somewhere later which we did and must say, made it good time too. Just a quick drop to the event booth, we were introduced to the smooth experience event which is situated in dome-like structure that is illuminated with blue lighting. Inside there were numerous activities ranging from cross word search, gastronomy experience, photo capture, flying darts, and even finding things from the hole. Everyone goes back as a winner in that event.

clip_image002[4]Oh my.. That’s a bad shot, would say.. Darn it..

As we were busy enjoying ourselves in the dome, a familiar tune had sudden came about which prompt us to immediate check it out. It was Yolanda Be Cool that started to spin and boy, the crowd goes wild. Seems we’ll no be speaking Americano but instead will be rocking to their tunes.

clip_image004[4]Let’s get pumping people..

We were treated with some of their famous tracks and it was thumping the heartbeat away. With that, it is certainly sign for a great evening ahead. Right before the next set, there was the short silent interval which made it more suspenseful as unable to anticipate who is spinning next.

clip_image006[4]Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, Antoine..

clip_image008[4]Hello MALAYSIA, How are ya, Ma Cherie..

A sudden thundering bass, follow by a beat and we feast our eyes on electro house DJ, Antoine whom hailed from Switz (Can look him up through google..) and were rocking the stage. The response from the crowd had definitely says it all as they were going wild and grooving alongside with DJ Antoine’s Welcome to St Tropez & Ma Cherie. While the party air remains high, the sudden silence made some to chant for the next set which many is awaiting anxiously that is none other than, Taio Cruz. While the crew is busy rearranging the next set and prep for it, a sudden vocal being played and the lights goes up. It was really Taio Cruz. Dressed in all black and trademark shades, he looked set to rock the night.

clip_image010[4]Put ur hands up in the AIR !!

He dished out a number of his hit singles namely, Dynamite, Hang Over, Break Your Heart and several more. We were hit with a question, is he really that cool with the jacket on or..? Well whatever it is, we grooving to the music and dancing away.


A good solid 40 mins worth singles on set which is truly unforgettable before the following set.

clip_image014[4]MAKE SOME NOIZE !!!

Closing in for the night is none other than Ferry Corsten aka System F whipping the best of trance at its finest. Many trance lovers were certainly thrilled and slipped into the trance mode. By end of the closing set for day 1, we were drained and beat but that should not deter us from getting enough rest and prep for day 2. Party ROCK!!

Day 2

Despite the intense night out partying, we had waked up early for a short day trip to Tanjung Sepat which the feat is epic by proportion. It’s onwards for day 2 to Party Rock with the second lineup. Continued our event exploring, we ventured to another side tent where variety of event run concurrently and there is many prize to won.

clip_image016[4]Fire in the HOLE!

clip_image018[4]Getting the keys to memories..

After a brief exploration, apparently we were invaded by the space invaders. It was Joachim Garraud spinning on set.

clip_image020[4]We come in PEACE..

Spinning some few of his famous mix, we were taken back by the awesomeness when he tossed in a blast from the past with tune of Sandstorm by Darude. The crowd goes wild and the response is massively intense.

clip_image022[4]Party People, Ma Electronic Keyboard cum Guitar..

As the people are bringing down the beat, the crew begins prepping for the next set. Meanwhile we were treated with some beats by a pair of DJ.

clip_image024[4]Are We ready??

While the DJ is spinning and the cameras rolling, RedFoo of LMFAO burst into the scene and quick to get the crowd goes high.

clip_image026[4]YEAH BABY.. YEAH PARTY PEOPLE!!

Staying true to the original theme, PARTY ROCK, they hit up the bottles and drinks while performing from the hit singles like I’m in Miami.

clip_image028[4]Hey man, don’t sweat it.. It’s on the house.. Pour a shot for me..

While we were in treat the members of the Party Rock Crew (Quest Crew) showing off some of the remarkable moves with a local act, it was something awesome to behold and while all this is going down, RedFoo took a shot at the DJ console to dish out his remix on the music playing. What comes after this, truly made this party ROCKING !!!

clip_image029[4]YEAH BABY.. I’m SEXY AND I KNOW IT.. Wiggle wiggle YEAH!!

This is truly the highlight of the whole party. Everyone was screaming their lungs out for the awesomeness and whether ban or not, it was a great night out.

clip_image031[4]Shake Shake everyone…

The party goes on with the “Party Rock Anthem” and later on RedFoo performed one of his latest single which is yet to be on air. The set concluded with the introduction of Steve Aoki. Apparently there were adjustment required to the system and after that’s done over with, the party continues.


Upon coming on the set, Steve Aoki had gotten the crowd’s attention and boy, everyone was cheering on. He was quick to spin some tune to keep the groove going which laid out by RedFoo and the Party Rock crew earlier.

clip_image035[4]Aha.. Found it..

The experience was unbelievable as Steve Aoki continues to drive the crowd wild and pumping the bass as dropping the beat hard. It is more unbelievable that it has been 2 nights straight. This is one heck of party not to be missed. These are some of ma dudes and babes that attended the event whom just as awesome as the event is.

clip_image037[4]Ma babes – Senri, Hilda..

clip_image039[4]Me and Ma Boo..

clip_image041[4]Ma Gorgeous Babe..

clip_image043[4]Ma Party Rock Crew..

clip_image045[4]Ma Babes in Arms..

This party is truly unforgettable and its all thanks to Manoah for the kind tickets that allow us to experience the magnificence show and enjoy the fantastic evening. Well that’s all for tonight as tomorrow will heading be for a beach holiday and will update the blog when get the holiday. So u guys enjoy the weekend off and take care. Chow….


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