SHILLS New Bulgarian Rose Skin Care Launch: A Pink Heaven of Sweet Rose

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I was really over joyed when Jeffrey replied to me with a invitation to SHILLS New Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care Product Launching. All thanks to Jeffrey & Isabel Lee ( for inviting me.

This my very first time attending Beauty Product launch. Arriving the main entrance filled with sweet rose petals and Bulgarian Rose aromatic scent, felt like a walk into heaven of pink rose!!


The Product Launch was held at Garden Cafe, Midvalley. The attire for the day is Casual Outfit in White and Pink.

Venue: Garden Cafe, First Floor, Lot F-001, Mid Valley Megamall

Date: Friday, 4th of Jan, 2013

Time: 3pm

Dress Code: Casual outfit in white or pink

S1Do we look SWEET???? 2 of my BFF was there too Yuki & Alexa.

Frankly speaking I have never try SHILLS’s product before this. This event will give me an opportunity to explore and try their Bulgarian Rose Product Range.

Those of you who is a fan of the Taiwan’s famous TV Variety show LADIES FIRST will definitely know well about SHILLS skincare and cosmetic product range. SHILLS Beauty Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of Taiwan’s well known skincare and cosmetic brands, SHILLS, ANOSA and DOT.DOT in Malaysia.

SHILL mission “To ensure that everyone can shine and define their own beauty in everyway”


The product launch begin with a Salsa Dancing performance by two beautiful girls. They dance like an adult! Brilliant Girls & Stunning Performance!

S15They can really shake the bum bum!!

Do you know what is the special ingredient that make this Bulgarian Rose Product range filled with so many benefits to our skin? Bulgarian Rose? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

It is the ORGANIC Bulgarian Rose Petal which is gathered by hand and being extracted into rose essential oil. To preserve the natural rose otto, no chemical is added during the distillation process.

The organic roses are cultivated from the Valley of Roses that grows at Bulgaria Mountain.

imageOrganic Rose that grows at Bulgaria Mountain

The exceptional quality of the Rose Essential Oil brings out the heavenly sweet floral aromatic scent which help to calm your soul. The best part is, it makes ones feel romantic when you take a sniff on the final product.


**Guys Valentine is around the corner! This will be a great present for your loved one as it smell as good as the real flowers and yet it can make your loved one look youthful and glowing after applying onto the face.

The event continue with a demo of SHILL’s product on the model. Ms Eva shows us  some tips using Shills latest Bulgarian Rose Range in order to ensure your face is free from dirt and how to avoid dehydration, aging or dullness.


  • SHIILLS Rose Essential 5 in 1 Deep Clarifier, RM 79/ 250ml or SHILLS Rose Essential Cleansing Gel, RM 79/ 100ml 

S8Rose Essential 5 in 1 Deep Clarifier

Deep cleansing to eliminate all dust accumulate on our face! Also effectively remove makeup from you face.


  • SHIILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Toner, RM 59/ 250ml










Ms Eva demonstrating basic Skin Care Regime.

Apply toner to minimize your pores and quench your skin’s thirst after the deep cleansing.

**Apply toner with upper motion so your skin will not sagged.


  • SHIILLS Rose Luxury Essence, RM 99/ 30ml


The Rose Essence help brighten your complexion and slow down skin aging!! Woots….Can stay Forever Young!!! Angel

  • SHIILLS Rose Essential Hydrating & Whitening Day Cream, RM 99/ 50ml

S2Rose Essential Hydrating & Whitening Day Cream

Start your day with this combination of Aburtin & Damascus Rose Essential that promise to improve skin moisture and elasticity.


  • SHIILLS Rose Essential Whitening & Repair Night Cream, RM 99/ 50ml

S9Rose Essential Whitening & Repair Night Cream

This Night Cream help sooths the skin’s fatigue after long hectic day!

  • SHIILLS Rose Petal Jelly Mask, RM 99/ 70ml

S24Rose Petal Jelly Mask -  see the Petal on Fish’s Hand?

The super cooling rose gel ensure our skins is supple and help controls sebum secretion! Remember I mentioned earlier no chemical is added onto the product? Smile with tongue out Thus, the mask can be SWALLOW claimed by Ms Eva!! Challenge accepted, I took a small scoop and mmmph taste like a Rosy Honey!! But I prefer to put on my face la…this is RM 99 ok? too expensive to use it as Honey alright!!!


  • SHIILLS Rose Essential Firming Eye Cream, RM 118/ 20ml

S9Rose Essential Firming Eye Cream

This eye cream can cure the dark circle that most girls hate and that include me!!

  • SHILLS Rose Brightening Lift Jelly Eye Mask, RM 99/ 10 pairs

20130104_160113_HDRRose Brightening Lift Jelly Eye Mask

The Jelly eye mask is ideal solution for puffy eyes and gives double hydration onto your eyes skin area!!

There is Q&A session, where lady who can answer the question correctly will be give a trial set of SHILLS Bulgaria Rose Range!

S25Ladies in pink and white waiting for the golden question!

After the Q&A session, we were serve with a spread of delicious food by Garden Cafe. I love the pudding so much! Yums!


The cute girl approach us to give us this cute door gift! A rose petal soap..So lovely!!


I also take this opportunity to snap around with my blogger friends. All my picture is taken using my Galaxy Camera !!

page1From left clock wise: Elie Lam,Senri, Jennifer_Furfer, CikLilyPutih, Yuki, Fish Sze Hui, Iris Loong, Yuki chor, Illy Ariffin, Joycelyn Yap, Jeffrey, Rabiatul, Kelly Chin, Senri, Isabel Lee, Elie Lam and the big picture: Kee, Alexa, Yuki Chor & Jeffrey.

Do you want your skin to be as soft and subtle like the sweet pink rose? Hurry down to any SASA Store nearby you and get one set for yourself. As for me, I’ll be trying their product soon that I received from the goodie bag!! Can’t wait to put on the rosy creams on my face!! ^_^


Good night for now..Tomorrow I need to pack for my Krabi Trip and this will be the post till I come back on 14th Jan 2013. Don’t miss me too much ya? But a little bit will keep me smiling! Tata..


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