RWG Mobile App Launch: Genting the APP Top Integrated Resort

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last Thursday I was invited by Genting to witness the Official Launch of Resorts World Genting (RWG) Mobile App at Wisma Genting. It has come a long way before the RWG Mobile App is launched in IOS as well as in Android in the later quarter of 2012.

C360_2013-01-17-16-57-16Group Picture of all Genting Staff

Venue: G-Lounge, Wisma Genting

Date: 17 January 2013

Time: 3pm-4.30pm

During the high tea session, Genting Group’s Executive Vice President, Dato’ Kevin Sim together with Senior Vice President of E-Service, Mr Thomas Ng and Vice President of Marketing, Mr Chow Wei Heng, Resorts World Genting shared its organization’s digital journey.


Dato Kevin said “Resorts World Genting has 20 over million visitors annually and 3 million WorldCard members. With the rise of people using online tools to communicate, buying and sharing information, we have found it beneficial in investing in digital marketing.”

20130117_154241Dato Kevin Sim giving his speech on stage.

He added that since the company had its website launched in 1997, the company has not stopped introducing its products using technology. It’s website for instance, garnered over 66 million page views and had 3.6 million unique visitors in 2012. The company has also invented the e-kiosk check-in system and has its own IT support that is able to sustain its entire hotel reservation systems that serves over 10,000 rooms at the Resort. It has also its own loyalty card system that has over a thousand retailers in its redemption program.

In just few days of launching of the app, Genting was ranked as No 1 Travel Apps in Malaysia and Singapore for IOS, and Top 10 Travel Apps in Malaysia for Android, respectively. As soon Window 8 App launch in December, RWG has become it’s partner in the hope to allow Window 8 user to be able to use the app to obtain various info and make hotel booking on the go. As of today, RWG App has over 100,000 downloads in less than a year.

G9More than 100,000 users downloaded RWG App

Good news is that by 2nd half of 2013, members can even make their bookings using their Genting Rewards Points as told by Mr. Thomas Ng, Senior Vice President of E-services. This is way too convenient and customer can utilize their points fully!!

Thomas added that RWG App is a clear example of the company’s determination in investing in technology that helps exceed customer’s expectations. With RWG mobile app, it enables an entirely new level of speed and convenience for its customers. It will take the brand one step further in distinguishing its brand throughout the country with more customers now relying on their mobile devices than ever.

20130117_163601Showing us some of the highlights of RWG App

As for trends, Chow Wei Heng, Vice President of Marketing says, ‘Unlike yesteryears, reaching out to customers has changed tremendously. Our top booking avenue is the online booking via the website and it is also where we see ourselves highest in exposure in-terms of promoting our products. We also have online travel agents as our business partners and group buying sites such as MyDeal and Groupon. However, with the current new trend, App, it gives us another platform to promote our products.’


G5Mr Chow with his confident speech.

Chow assure customers can enjoy more promotion. He added that users can see a fresh outlook of RWG App every April to mark its anniversary of the launch of its mobile App. Chow says he is confident with this channel targeting at least 200,000 download of RWG App by end 2013. That was truly something I look forward to every April of each year!

Through the RWG APP customers get connected to RWG world instantly. For RWG’s member, they can log on and go direct to ‘MyAccount’ to check their rewards points, expiry dates and other relevant information all in one consolidated view. Isn’t that cool? I too will make my booking later while having my tea!!

G17Booking in process…Complete in less than 5minute!!

I have done my booking, you can do so by using your credit card through the online booking inside the RWG App. For more info on the app please check out my previous blogpost.

Media and bloggers were treated with a scrumptious spread of desserts and snacks where they can make their booking while enjoying the high tea.

20130117_170056My desserts for the afternoon.

So happy to eat all the dessert and book my room for my May getaway with Thomas. Media and blogger are given a goodie bag filled with RWG specifically designed merchandise.

G18The sweet blue Polo Tee is my favourite!! So soft, perfect for casual outing! 

Thanks to Genting for continuously giving us such a great experience staying in Resorts World Genting. I believe with this app, the whole experience from booking to staying in will be up a notch! It was truly an informative event and a very entertaining speech by Dato Kevin Sim.


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