How We spend the Last Hour of 2012!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

This year we decided not to stay home and party the whole night at Zouk, KL on the last few hours of 2012 while we welcome 2013 with lot’s of  fun & laughter with my BFFs. This is a year where i had many first time of my life!

As usual, I always be the host of such gathering! Ring all the girls, and invite them over to my place so we can dress up together in my room!! Busy dressing up so didn’t take photo of us while in the making but yes we took the after makeover photo!!


Oh I managed to do a Vlog for the Eye Shadow I did last night! I think I can upload it this time!! So happy the Vlog finally worked…My first Vlog for 2013!!

We decided to bring my bottle of Bacardi Gold along so that we can drink a little before we go into Zouk! We purchased Coke & some plastic cups from 7eleven.


So I drove all of them down to KL and blast my car audio to get into the party mood!! That was like super happening inside my car to a point the car beside is staring at us!

20121231_235440Turn up the MUSIC & Let’s Partayyyyy….

About 11pm we reach Jalan Ampang and we were stuck in the jam for almost 1 hour.


So what do we do when we stuck in the TRAFFIC JAM??? We get the party started!!


Pour the drink and start drinking in the car!! We chat, we laugh, we sing and we drink!!


** Try this at your own risk!! Please take note, we only drink a little of Bacardi Gold and lots of coke!!

As the clock turn 1200, the fireworks blasted right beside of us! As my car just stopped in front of KLCC!! At that moment we girls was amazed by the big colourful firework on the bright sky. We were like OMG..this is the most beautiful moment of 2013 though we wish we are dancing inside Zouk already but we are stuck with this sparkling fireworks!!

20130101_000110Sparkle on the SKY!

20130101_000212Heart Shape Fireworks!

20130101_000200Fireworks Blast!

20130101_003807Stunning KLCC view from my Car!

** Fireworks photo is taken using SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA’s “Fireworks Mode”

Basically the Traffic Jam is caused by people standing at the road side watching Fireworks which filled up the entire lane!! Can you imagine all car squeezing into one lane at the same time?? Damn it’s just pure honking and motor turning left and right between the small gap! So annoying… Can’t they jus move to the side??

Thanks God we arrived at Zouk about 1am!! It took us about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Zouk, KL from Cheras. Usually it takes 20 - 30 minutes! I think I’ll choose other place for coming NYE celebrations.
















Got into Zouk within minutes no queue but the crowd is massive!! At Phuture, we more like standing and being push all the time. Can’t move a step!

Walk over to Velvet not overly packed, still manage to grab a small space to dance. So the rest of the night were dancing, booty shaking, singing, cheering, screaming, talking, laughing and snapping pictures!


Me with Siew Ping..We’ve been friends since College Time and we club together since then!! It’s like almost 8years now! She just got married on Dec and I’m still enjoying the single life!! I realize how much things has changed!

20130101_014549Luv u dear Siew Ping! XOXO

20130101_014622Me with Winnie!! Secondary School Friends!

20130101_032034Me with Alexa Babe.. We met through a photoshooting session! We come real close now! It’s just awesome to have another close galfren!

20130101_032149Happy 2013 Everyone! Have a Fantastic Year Ahead!! from all of us the gorgeous ladies..

20130101_032819Me with Yuki love…No nd to intro d she is all over my Blog lately!

20130101_032851Me with Jean! It’s actually Yuki’s friend and we met last year Christmas!

20130101_032838Clockwise: Me, Yuki, May Zhang and Jean! 

20130101_032924Me with Jackson!

20130101_032909Me with Mike & JHaw

** Club’s Indoor photo is taken using SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA’s Aperture Priority Mode with Flash burst!

Was hungry and tired after dancing for few hours.. We wrap up and have a quick supper at Mamak Stall nearby. Drive back in a sleepy mode and sleep through the morning till 12.00 pm.

That is how I spend the first morning of 2013. While the another half of 2013 noon and evening were well spent with my a great Brunch and Dinner with my Darling and Family!

20130101_140201Loh Pan Mee Brunch at Mama & Son with Darling and Winnie! Read the review of this restaurant here.

20130101_134803_HDRMe with Darling, shot taken using Rich Tone mode of Samsung Galaxy Camera! Love the super vibrant colour of the picture! ** look at the cartoon wording on my T-Shirt!

20130101_192031Braised Lamb Belly at Chuan Kee Restaurant. Super succulent and the aroma is too awesome!!


Stir Fried Long Bean & Egg Plant at Chuan Kee Restaurant. Crunchy and Delicious!

For the review of Chuan Kee Restaurant read this post!

** Food picture is shot using SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA’s Macro Mode.


End my first day of 2013 with the Peanut Glutinous Rice Ball at night market with my family! Another awesome day spend with all my loved ones!! Sorry that the post is a bit length but that means I had a lot of fun time right?? Oh between if you realized the colour of picture taken at night in this post is so much nicer right? As I am using the all new SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA EX-GC100 to capture all the picture! It’s smart mode function is so amazing!!

So long for now..Need to have a good sleep and prepared my self to start my job in the all new 2013 year!! Good night everyone!


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