[MakeUp Tutorial] Darker Side that Shines!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Yes my first 2 days at work sucks!! From morning been solving all sort of issues and problem arises from my project! Last night, I only have my lunch at 7pm which supposed to be my dinner!! I was sooooo hungry till I can’t stand and ran down the food court to buy something to eat!

Then I continue to rush my remaining work before I wrap up everything and fly to swimming pool for a quick dip!! Today really isn’t my day, on my first lap I choked…I guess it was because I am dehydrated as I am too busy replying messages and answering phone calls!! I did not get to finish my 20 laps, struggling to complete 10 laps as my throat is really dry and painful that I have to gave in! I went to shower after the 10th lap.

Well the only thing that made me feel better is the clear sky! I can see the KL Tower and KLCC shine brightly from the rooftop!

imageBright KL Tower & KLCC from Times Square Rooftop!

And so I went to bed after I reach home hoping the next day will be better! I was wrong again, things become worst!! Too much things to deal with… By 6 pm, I finished most of the urgent ones and decided to go for a shopping therapy!! It seems my day is getting better as PROMOD having big slash off the pricing of their clothing…

imageAll for RM 170…Great Bargain right??

On my way back to continue my work, I met Justin. We had a drink and had a long chat. Catching up with friend unexpectedly really make my day!!

As dark as my day can be, there is another side that shines.. Sometimes, just need to take a break and look at the brighter side and be positive! Just ring your friends for a drink or go for shopping and you will be so happy that you forget all your stress and sadness!! Here another bright photo for the night!

20130103_194940_LLSWater Fountain in front of Pavilion Main Entrance!

This actually inspired me to do a Eye Shadow Tutorial. Tonight Theme is “Darker Side that Shines”. It is actually a very dark black tone at the corner of my eyes and when you see closely the metallic colour will shines from the inner of my eyes!



Here you go my first VLog for 2013!! As promised, I finally manage to make a tutorial video!! So happy!!


Product Used:

  1. Dark Shimmer Black Eye Shadow- Glam Eyes Quad Eye Shadow, 023 Beauty Spell “03” by RIMMEL London
  2. Shimmering Grey Eye Shadow – Dazzle Dust “746” by Barry M (barrym.com)
  3. Shimmering Metallic Eye Shadow - Eye Shadow Dazzlers by 2true (from UK Drugstores)
  4. Shimmering Vanilla Eye Shadow – Vanilla Color by Etude House
  5. Shimmering White Eye Shadow  - Color Appeal Star Secrets Eyes by LOREAL Paris
  6. Black Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – Ardent Lady by The SAEM (from Korea)
  7. Black Auto Eyeliner Pencil – Super Fine Eyeliner Pencil, 1072 ‘BK-1’ by KATE
  8. Black Waterproof Mascara – AMPLICILS Mascara by LANCOME PARIS
  9. Shimmering Fake Lashes – Available commonly in Beauty Store or Drugstore

Till then…Next up will be my remaining Bali Trip post! Good night!


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