Wendy’s New Flagship in KLCC

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I was overly joyed when I got invited to the Grand Opening of Wendy’s at the iconic KLCC. You know I have always wanted to try Wendy’s but I thought it was just another Fast Food chain restaurant like every other out there. This time around I am going to find out whether my thought was right!

I arrived with a hungry tummy looking for Wendy’s and it is just located at concourse level towards Marks & Spencer end. The grand entrance decorated with Wendy’s White & Red Balloon Arch and that is really beautiful.

Wendy1Wendy’s main entrance

I can see the group of hard working staff is preparing the food to welcome us (VIPs, medias and bloggers) and also the public crowd at about 11am later.


We were greeted with smile and nice coffee. I look around and I was really impressed with their cosy and sophisticated interior. Unlike the usual fast food restaurant with stiff chair, bright lighting and plastic furnishing.


This Wendy’s outlet is the first outlet which is designed based on “Image Activation” drive to enhance and modernise the restaurant.


QUALITY IS OUR RECIPE” is Wendy’s Philosophy and this is what drives Wendy’s way of doing business. It can be seen as part of the brand elements of this restaurant, where it can be seen in every corner of the restaurant!


This brand new Wendy’s outlet features ultra-modern concept, equipped with digital menu boards for easy ordering and double-sided clamshell grill for consistent cooking quality. That means more Yummy Burger can be order easily!


To begin the event, Mr Eric Leong, Director of Wen Berjaya Sdn Bhd. were invited to give a speech.

Wendy’s franchise in Malaysia is owned by Wen Berjaya Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Berjaya Group. Wendy’s new flagship in KLCC is the tenth restaurant in Malaysia since the first one was opened in Sunway Pyramid in 2008.

Wendy14Mr Eric Leong, Director of Wen Berjaya Sdn Bhd while he is giving his speech.

At Wendy’s, we simply don’t cut corners. We plan to develop the brands in Malaysian Market involves opening five new restaurant every year” say Mr Eric Leong


He adds that, in the coming future they will introduce more varieties into their menus including breakfast and well as special menus during the Festive seasons to suits to Malaysia multi racial community.

Mr John Pain, Vice President & Marketing Director of Asia Pacific and EMEA of Wendy’s Company was then invited to tell us a little bit more about Wendy’s.

IMG_9848Mr John Pain, Vice President & Marketing Director of Asia Pacific and EMEA of Wendy’s Company. He was giving his speech joyfully that day. This is definitely a memorable day for everyone!

He says that Wendy’s was actually founded by Dave Thomas .Now that Dave can cook a really good burger but he haven’t got a good name for his restaurant. So Dave pick the name of his 12 years old daughter Wendy!

Dave dressed her up in pigtails and the signature blue striped dress and that’s how Wendy’s logo was born.

Wendy11Lovely Wendy in cute pigtails and striped blue dress!

Pain adds “ We only make your burger AFTER you order it so that you can tell us how you like your burger to be made, we cut the lettuce and tomatoes fresh everyday, in our kitchen, because they taste better FRESH.

Wendy’s KLCC opening is launched by ribbon cutting ceremony.

Wendy18 Both Wendy and Pain was so happy that day. They cut the ribbon with a big smile!

Wendy19Big Smile Group Picture!

I was really impressed with how Wendy’s coordinated the entire event. Mr Pain bring all of us for a tour to the kitchen to witness how they made their JUICY and FRESH burgers. 

Wendy25Mr Pain, removed his blazer and get down to the kitchen to grill the beef patties.

I felt honoured to be able to sink my teeth onto the beef patties grilled by Mr Pain later. You see, their Burgers are made to order and it is made FRESH!







Lettuce, tomatoes, onions and the sauces are covered with plastic wrap to ensure the food remain hygienic and fresh.

The kitchen was well maintained an organized. I’m pretty sure all burger come out from the kitchen will be amazing!

I can’t wait to get my bite onto the Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy 1/4 lb. Single Burger!!!!

Being bloggers means being the first to taste the food! We were first in the queue!

imageMe and CikLilyPutih while waiting for our FRESH Burger!Picture courtesy of Mai Sarah.

Wendy28Friendly staff serving us that day!!

Our burger set is ready in minutes!!

and here come the star of the day!! Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy 1/4 lb. Single Burger.


I was all WRONG!!! The entire set from the French Fries to the Bun and Beef Patty was so FRESH and tasty. The Natural Cut French Fries is crispy externally and warm and soft in the centre!


The bun is as soft as the pillow. The whole bite is tremendously juicy and the beef patty juice that filled my mouth was really delicious. The pieces of lettuce was so fresh to a point that every bite will give a “Krup Krup” sound of crunchiness!

Wendy’s intended to add more option into the chicken burger menus. On the day itself, Wendy’s also serve Spicy Chicken Sensation Burger made from grilled and skinless chicken breast.


This was totally a new experience to me for a fast food burger. I would definitely REVISIT Wendy’s very soon to try their other chicken burgers!!

More pictures with other blogger.










Left: Me and Rebecca Saw Right: Me and Eunice


imageMe and lovely Anne from Nuffnang. Thanks for the invitation!

Wendy’s does not only made Quality Food BUT Quality Fresh Food Made Fast!!

In conjunction with the grand opening of Wendy’s KLCC, Wendy’s offered it’s signature Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy 1/4 lb. Single Burger and Spicy Chicken Sensation Burger at RM 0.99 each to all it’s Facebook Fans.


Crowd flooded Wendy’s to get their hand on the Unbeatable Yummy Burgers offers!


So to those who work in KL area, drop by Wendy’s KLCC branch for a Scrumptious Lunch at Wendy’s and you can have plenty of time to shop in KLCC after that since the food in Wendy's is served fast!

Special thanks to Nuffnang and Wendy’s for inviting me to this memorable event!! It does filled my tummy with wonderful memories!

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