The Sweetest BFF Party with Hello Kitty Samsung Galaxy Y!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Weee…Like what I mention in my previous post, I am going to the Sweetest Party by Samsung especially dedicated to all Hello Kitty Fans!! Yesterday Morning, I dig everything sweet from my wardrobe to wear on to the BFF party with Hello Kitty Samsung Galaxy Y! Grab a sweet pink dress and tie my hair into a bow to fit into the Hello Kitty Theme!! I make an effort to YouTube on how to tie my hair okay??

HelloKitty23Look at the Huge Hello Kitty Balloon arch!!! It’s just so beautifully sweet!!

Closer look of my creation!!

imageThe bow look neat…huhu not bad not bad.. *self praising*

HelloKitty27The Registration Booth!

Sign in and collected my goodies bag!

HelloKitty24All goodies readily packed for all Hello Kitty Fans!!

When I say for Hello Kitty Fans, I mean it!!! Every little goodies inside is practically chop with Hello Kitty face!!

HelloKitty56Even the sticky candy have Hello Kitty Face in the centre!!and Hello Kitty Mask?? Awesomeness Mode On!

I guess I’m one of the few who arrive early!! So I got a chance to take picture with Audrey Ooi ( and Cheesie ( before the party begins! and oh my picture got into Samsung FB Page

HelloKitty1O.o Audrey is way too cute,,,and I felt i’m so gigantic here…*blush* For once I wish I did not grow up so much, blame it to the baby food mum feed me!

Cheesie and Audrey will be the judges for the 5 girls with the Best Dress of the Day which will win a pair of Samsung GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition Smartphones.

imageand picture with my BFF Yuki Chor….Red heartRed heart

Mr Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd launch the Samsung GALAXY Y Hello kitty Limited Edition smartphone.

HelloKitty33He mentioned this is the only pink shirt he has, he said in future he would like to have more pink shirt! Teehee the shirt look very new indeed!! LOL

“Designed especially for young consumers, the GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition device is stated to bring friends closer together as they revel in the exclusively of the limited edition device,” said Mr Vincent Chong.

“Naturally, best friends share the same interests; they share the same passions; and now with them carrying the same device, the GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition will bring these BFFs closer than before,” Chong added.

I know we are going to have so much girls fun later with all the activity arranged for us and our BFF but for now let me show you the cutest, sweetest and the most adorable Smart Phone by Samsung, the Samsung GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition!

HelloKitty19The phone feels so cute even by just holding it! Imagine if I'm using it everyday with my BFF, it’s gonna make everything so cute and life would never be boring again even at work!!

This cutie phone is enclosed by the iconic Hello Kitty illustration on the back cover and the recognisable logo on the home button. Owning this phone would really portray a youthful and fun personality!

The pink lining on the edge really make the phone pop with the white colour base!

The large 3” TFT LCD touch screen fit into palm perfectly at the same time it make playing games so enjoyable and watching videos become so convenient!










About size of a palm and it is super compact with only 11.5mm thin! 

The high performance 832MHz processor allow seamless multi tasking and web browsing experience. Preloaded with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform, this charming smartphone promise quick response on the interphase while allowing you to enjoy various Android applications available in Google play Store!!

imageThe entire package is just so lovely!!!! I want this for me and my BFF tooo…

picture courtesy of

Another thing that is so awesome about this phone is the entire interphase is customised with Hello Kitty theme which allow you to explore your beloved brand in new and interactive way!

imageFeatures everything pink and Hello Kitty!

Chatting become so easy with the SWYPE function which allow you to type messages with just simple swipes of your fingertips, thus enhancing the typing speed.

imageJust SWPE your fingertips!

Storage will never be an issue for this charming Hello Kitty GALAXY Y as it has 2GB inbox storage with capability to expand its memory up to 32GB via MicroSD Card. Store anything you like from videos, games, pictures and also all the apps you downloaded from Google Play Store.


If you are a first time smartphone user, this adorable smartphone will be a good choice for you. With the unbeatable retail price at RM419, this phone is something you must not miss for you and for your BFF!!

Getting on with the Sweet BFF Party, we first head on to Manicure Counter get our nails paint with pink and draw with ribbons!!

page1Yuki getting her nails done!!

First bump into Cik Lily with her cute Hello Kitty Spectacles!

HelloKitty12Me and Cik Lily

We rush to the Air Brush Counter where the queue becomes so long!! Everyone want the cute Hello Kitty Icon to be on their arm, back, neck, leg just everywhere!

page2I am printing the Hello Kitty on my Arm!! huhu..It can last up to 7 days!! Loves it!!

And met with Angeline from NSTP!


Ok by the time I finish the air brush, my hair from Awesome become Messy!! So we fly to the Makeover Counter to redo my hair and get my face painted with cute Hello Kitty Face!


Later on Senri, Elie and Isabel arrived! So fun to hang around with all my girlfriends!!

HelloKitty20From left, Elie, Senri, Me and Isabel.

and also Kelly Chin!


When we are hungry or thirsty there is lots of sweet candies, cupcakes, tart and pink Bandung Syrup for you to chill a little!

HelloKitty14Aint this cupcakes cute?

Okay it’s time to announce the 5 best dress of the day who will each bring back 2 Samsung GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition smartphone home!! One for the winner and one for their BFF!! *Jelly*


Right after was a row of model who wear in Hello Kitty costume cat walking with their sweetest walk ever!

HelloKitty50Her Hello Kitty plushie is so cuteeee….

HelloKitty52My favourite costume! The corset is so sexy cute!

HelloKitty53Princess Kitty!

HelloKitty47Diva Kitty!

HelloKitty48and Funky Kitty

HelloKitty54All the costume for the day!

Don’t forget to get yourself and your BFF this charming and adorable Samsung GALAXY Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition Smartphones as you and your BFF will stand a chance to win a all expense PAID VIP trip to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town!

That’s not all, Samsung is throwing in merchandises worth RM 500 and 2 Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition smartphones for you to win with any purchase of the smartphone! For more info of the contest click here.


That’s all pink moment I’m sharing for now! We all proceed to watch the Rise of Guardian after the party!! So stay tune for the movie review and I’m gonna tell you the fun watching Rise of Guardian with the cutest pink popcorn!!

A special Thanks to Don Chan for inviting me to this unforgettable Sweetest BFF Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Party with my BFF!


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