Rise of the Guardians: I feel all dreamy about it…

Saturday, December 08, 2012

It’s been a while since I had a really good and long sleep on my bed! Last night I did and I dreamt of wonderful moments… I woke up feeling really sweet and wonderful! It must be Sand Man, Sandy sending me the wonderful elements into my dreams….You asked who is Sandy? Well read on and you will know!!

“Once upon of time, there lived tales of magnificent character that reflects the true morale heart of people but where the light shines bright, darkness would soon ensure. Through the passing of time, these magnificent characters gained the means to seal off the darkness away for good or so they thought. For soon, they face the greatest nightmare in the eternal realm of darkness but with the aid of a sparkle of frost”

Alright, the intro wasn’t that dramatic (But fantasy had gotten the best of me.. Haha) but it was good having so. Produced by Dreamworks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures, the movie promised to be a fun watch for all ages. Namely the few names that we would probably remembered but most certainly beyond our imagination for the character that was brought to life on screen.

clip_image002Theatrical Poster

Meet Jack, a young chap that got raised to life from the frozen lake by the “Man in the Moon” (Till now, haven’t actually seen the man but movie is still a movie) and coincident a staff by the side which would grant him the power of flight and frost (Flight sounded silly and hence, Jack Frost was born). Being a newborn and not knowing his past life but only knows the name which was given. Jack soon realized that he is invisible to all the people and questioned his purpose in life.

clip_image004A staff of Frosty…

It was all several hundred years ago and fast forwarded towards present time where Jack is still invisible but enjoying. Elsewhere danger looms over on the North Pole where we are introduced to the thick Russian accent and tattooed (Yes, Tattoo’s) Santa Clause which is named North. Ensuring danger prompts North to summon fellow Guardians.

clip_image005We are.. The Guardians…

We have the obsessive compulsion tooth collector named Tooth Fairy.

imageOhhhh……>_< the teeth are real…Let me look at it….awwwww…..

She got impressed by all the snowy white teeth which Jack which have all over his mouth!!

and then the Rough Tough Act Thick Australian Accent Easter Bunny named Bunnymund (Ok, something soft and gullible like the bunny becomes that ferocious beast monster or not),

clip_image006Whacha looking at.. Fluffy…

Enter Sandman (Metallica Rock.. Or just bright orange glow) and together with Jack whom apparent are chosen by the “Man in the moon” to be the next guardian though the rest of them besides Sandy had noticed the “Man in the Moon” was trying to reach them.


It wasn’t a hero’s welcome as they are at odds with Jack due to his mischievous manner and have a habit of making it chilling frosty for all. Though reluctant and still adamant of not joining the merry band to defeat the villain named Pitch (I know whatcha thinking, Black) the Boogeyman, Jack will soon face the greatest challenge which would affect his very existence in this alternate fairy tale reality but not before locking horns with Bunny whom often is associated with the kangaroo (Probably it’s the accent because Hugh Jackman is from down under after all).

clip_image008I Am The Boogeyman, Pitch

With the faith and hope of the light dimming fast under the threat of darkness, the Guardians must rise for the sake of the world hanging in the balance. They must believe.

clip_image010Ok ok… We are as real as the light radiate from my fairy complexion..

The movie incorporates great visual effects and CGI. With great line up of the voice cast, (Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher, Jude Law) this movie is certainly an good entertainment watch for family and adult alike.

All thanks to Nuffnang for the Premier Screening and also Samsung & Manoah Consulting Sdn Bhd for the Hello Kitty Theme Premier Screening in the cinema (this is a part of the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty BFF Party at GSC, view the event here).

Hello Kitty theme means everything in the cinema is with Hello Kitty Logo!! Look at my sweet pink popcorn!! oops I mean the BOX!! The popcorn is still yellow and caramelized!!


Even the popcorn is pre-prepared but is still crunchy because GSC got it packed in air tight plastic!!! Awesome possum!!

This movie is really fun and thrilled to watch…I bet you will have a good sleep with wonderful dream and woke up feeling refreshed just like me! I have wonderful dream for 2 night after watching the 3D movie twice! So go on out and catch the movie in the cinema near you today.

I’m going out for a nice Cluckers Democracy Nom Nom Party..Stay tube for my next review kay…Have a nice weekend all…




Director : Peter Ramsey

Writers : David Lindsay-Abaire (screenplay), William Joyce (book)

Stars : Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin and Isla Fisher


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