Ready or Not.. Here Comes The Boom

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Well for most viewers at the movie hall wasn’t as there was some apparent mixed up insert 3D advert into the movie intro which caused slight confusion that made everyone turn around looking for the 3D glasses but rest assured, the movie wasn’t. What a relief, phew..

clip_image001Theatrical Poster

Here Comes The Boom tells a story on life of never giving up the fight for what is right and staying true to your heart for that matter. Playing the slacking lazy oversized teacher, Scott Voss is none other than Kings of Queen fame, Kevin James whom portrayed the character sentiments truly.

Salma Hayek plays the sexy school nurse, Bella Flores. Scott was once a great teacher at his prime however the changes in the education system had rendered his motivation useless as he regressed to another person striving to get through the day till one day he had chanced upon the ongoing music class which he wanted to pass on a duty that was given in lieu of certain issue.

The music teacher, Marty had received word that his wife is expecting and that change pretty much everything as the school threatens to close down the music class program as they’re facing deficit in financial standing and Marty stands to lose his job. Unable to go behind his conscious, Scott publicly challenges the Principal Becher that he could raise enough to sustain the music class program. Soon Scott will face his ultimate choice would ultimately change him for good.

clip_image002Here Comes The Rush!!!

Who could expect a 40 year old Biology Teacher could do MMA and not getting a whoop arse while in. Yet he persevered, and taught his fellow students a valuable lesson which is, not matter hard is going to be, never lose sight of what is in front and stand tall to reach for it.

Besides the action, plenty of humour and slapstick comedy was in the mix as Kevin James delivering his best after the “Zookeeper” and “I Now Pronounce You, Chuck & Larry”. Charice Pempengco had also made appearance in this movie as Malia whom have great interest in music.

There are some funny moments which could prove gut wrenching. Great entertaining watch for certain age group due to certain violent element which require adult supervision if were to watch the movie. So don’t forget to catch the movie in the cinema near you.




Director: Frank Coraci
Writers: Kevin James, Rock Reuben
Stars: Kevin James, Salma Hayek and Henry Winkler


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