Jack Reacher: Jack ol’ Jack

Sunday, December 23, 2012

“6 Bullets, 5 Dead, 1 Suspect, Who do you, call? Just reach Jack, Jack Reacher.”

Thanks to Nuffnang, we got a premiere screening to watch Jack Reacher. Based on the novel, ‘One Shot’ by Lee Child, “Jack Reacher” is the direct movie adaptation and the title character is played by Tom Cruise whom had cruised in between espionage, military aviation and that had pretty much worked out for him.

Joining the cast is the voluptuous, Rosamund Pike whom was previously seen in the Bond movie, “Die Another Day” playing the defense lawyer, Helen Rodin whom is against her father in this case and felt that the defendant is innocent though the odds is otherwise.

clip_image002Theatrical Poster

The movie opens to the massacre that killed 5 people but with 6 shots fired. In response to the shooting, the police was quick to rush over to the scene and had found incriminating evidence which lead to a former infantry sniper named James Barr.

Given the evidence stacked against him, Barr had written 3 words, Get Jack Reacher. Stunned by the request, the D.A Alex Rodin whom has a perfect career record of never lost any case under him and the Detective, Emerson had to seek out Jack Reacher whose nomadic existence with no car, home, credit card, job and monthly electronic pension withdrawal which is untraceable had made it hard for them track Jack.

Somewhere else, the news showing on the shooting was linked to James Barr whom Jack had previously tried to convict but failed due to technicality was drawn back out to existence to resolve the case.

clip_image004So it’s signed, done deal. Dinner?

Despite his name was crossed as a witness, Jack have not a slightest intention of helping Barr due to the past incident. Jack would soon cross path with Barr’s lawyer, Helen Rodin who elected Jack as the lead investigator on the case and to prove Barr’s innocence. Chaos would soon ensure as Jack is toss into a series premeditated sequence of events when he digs deeper into the case and concluded that Barr might be framed for the shooting that he did not commit.

clip_image005We’ll be cruising through this, Jack’s Style..

The movie element is comprises of fundamental logic based on pre existing knowledge of know how. Imagine Sherlock Holmes and House (Minus the insensitive grogginess sarcasm) tossed into the mix to become a no nonsense disregarding the law’s limit and doing what’s right, you’ll get Jack Reacher.

Though the novel character had implied that he should be a lot taller but Tom Cruise had managed to pull this well (Like most of his movie). A little flirt here and there, witty comebacks had definitely make this movie enjoyable though much loose ends left unanswered which makes audience wonder, shall there be a sequel?

Anyhow this is strictly a drama, slight action, deduction logic movie which has zero romance influence that would probably appeal to certain audience. So check out Jack Reacher in the cinema near to you today.

So long for now…Brunch time for me!




Director : Christopher McQuarrie
Writers : Christopher McQuarrie (screenplay), Lee Child (book)
Stars : Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike and Richard Jenkins


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