Thursday, December 20, 2012

This Christmas has been really good. I gave out all most of my xmas present and I receive a lot of prizes from all the contest I joined. A big Thank You to Churp Churp, Celcom XPax, Nuffnang, Veet, Origin, Tammy Lim (Plusizekitten), Benefit, Bcard and of course my love ones Thomas, families and friend who have supported me and giving me so many valuable advise! You know who you are! I feel so THANKFUL for everything I got and how amazing my life is now!

Last night I am blessed that I was saved from an accident where by a CRANE slip down the hill due to BRAKE FAILURE. The next morning I heard one car was hit but the driver had only minor injury. Thax god everyone is safe!! At that moment I just wish I could stay alive till probably at least another 60years? There is so many thing that I have not done and experience! News flying about he ancient Mayans predicted the end of the world in December 2012 is everywhere. And then, this “End of the World” phrase keep bothering me the whole night. All these question suddenly popped up!

IS that TRUE?
What should I do to prepare myself?
Will we SURVIVE?
What if EVERYONE DIED and left me alone?


I’m sure most of us are using UNIFI or STREAMYX by TMNet (for Malaysia’s Reader) and TMNet has give 1month free subscription to HYPP TV to all new subscriber to UNIFI or STREAMYX. I have been watching HYPP TV for almost 6months now. Lately I am really into this SyFy HD Chanel at CH165. This channel is running an End of the World SyFy Movie Special which will prepared you for this phenomenal event.


The movie special will reveal some gleefully gruesome deaths, spectacularly over-the-top disasters, and the puny humans who try to stop them. These movies will be available every Wednesday @ 8:20pm, with a repeat on Saturdays at 10:50pm. SyFy HD, only on HyppTV Channel 165.


November 7, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

Do the twist: Run for your life!!! That’s what scientist Dr. Jake Alredge (Gerald McRaney) gets ready to do when he perfects his DIY tornado warning system. Before he could do so he has to convince the entire town to escape with him before the storm of the millennium chomps it to bits!!!

AlienTornado_tab color



November 14, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

Red alert: Beep Beep here comes the swirling superstorm on the surface of Jupiter… and it’s about to leap off the face of the planet and head to Earth. Swallowing whatever in its path, this huge storm will leave the Earth with nothing left behind but an empty gas globe! Miracle will only happen if the brilliant high school student come up with a magnificent science project!




November 21, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

Ride the lightning: This is no fun when freaky lightning strike continuously leaving string of corpses burnt to a crisp, a storm chaser and his team discovers a deadly creature of pure electrical energy on a merry spree of mass destruction. Next on the list was an unsuspecting unsuspecting small town, unless manly sheriff Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Meet the Spartans) finds a way to zap the vicious lighting goblin first.


IMG_1583What could they come up with?



November 28, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

Revenge of the nerd: When everything fails, this eminent scientist goes haywire and becomes determined to seek revenge. He transforms weather into a force of destruction of death, controlled only by his whims. The only hopes lies on the hand of his two sons, estranged brothers played by Jason London (Dazed and Confused, Jason and The Argonauts) and Wes Brown (True Blood, Private Practice). We hope the brothers manage to come up with a good plan to stop their father’s dastardly plans of destroying the nation’s capital.




December 5, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

The head of tech facility, Samuel Planck was tasked to store and convert renewable energy, and after years of research it is now time for him to test the system out. There is no way the facility able to control the massive amount of energy and charged particle begin swirling around quickly turning into a magnetic tornado. They must find away to put an end to this before everything is destroyed by the big spinning magnetic funnel!!

Metal Torndao_Ad



December 12, Wednesday @ 8.20pm

Mercury collide with Earth when the suns converts to a magnetar for a short time. Will the disgraced scientist able to save our planet with his failed weapon system, Project 7? You got to find out yourself!




Premieres December 19, Wednesday @ 8.20pm (SG/MY)

Umbrellas not necessary: A beautiful meteorologist (Ming-Na, SGU Stargate Universe) must join forces with a street-smart petroleum engineer (Nicholas Turturro, NYPD Blue) to brave the elements and save them from the Mega Cyclone. Otherwise, the huge cyclone will rip the East Coast of the United States off the map with deadly winds and killer waves.



There is more SyFy movies to be broadcast in the coming days like Ice Road Terror, Earth’s Final Hour, Ice Quacks and many more.


EARTH’S FINAL HOUR premiering tomorrow 21/12/12 at 10.25pm. Be sure to catch the movie!!

Be sure to tune in to HYPP TV to watch these massive production of Earth’s biggest disaster. For those who yet to subscribe to HYPP TV now! Do it with these simple steps!


And in order to purchase the Syfy Channel you just need to refer to live TV menu card.The continue with below steps and sit back and watch the ever life changing movies.


For more info click HYPP TV.

Lastly, let pray all of us will survived this….


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