Genting Present You FREEZE this Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cold as ice that one could imagine being swept by the chilly breeze when you’re 6100 ft above sea level. Thanks to Nuffnang and Resorts World Genting, i had scored a pair of tickets to watch Freeze 2.

Brought back from last year, the dazzling show would feature acrobatic acts, marvellous choreography, fantastic lights and effect display with a line of international cast from Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Australia and China. Freeze 2 would captivate audiences that yours truly had already immersed in unforgettable evening.


The show began with the comedic act by Alexey Storozhuk, a comedian from the Ukraine which brought lots of laughter’s with his silly antics and had even ask some audience to join him on the show.

20121124_211405Audience performing along..So hilarious…

From trumpet blowing jazz to everyday home items, laughter can be heard all out. However pictures are quite scarce due to the tight security (Any attempt would result in immediate reprimand, darn they are good).

clip_image003[4]The Human Pyramid…

The show unfolds with acrobat acts which are as unreal as the body is pushed to a point of beyond understanding (Which makes you think that the effort for the show is astonishing). The acrobatic performances are by the award-winning troupe from Puyong Acrobatics Art School in China. Each act is carefully studied and practice as most of it requires in depth focus and concentration which leaves no room for error and giving the audiences a run for their money as the suspense of watching the show itself will keep you at the edge of the seat.

The illusionist which is part of the original Freeze production hailed from Ukraine, Anastasiia Rich is back to with more spectacular illusion which include the large drill that goes through the abdomen

clip_image004[4]Courtesy of Google Pictures

The show continues with other spectaculars death defying acts which involves tossing, spinning (It sure does spins and skate so fast that the pieces of ice will seen scrapped out literally!) and all that without safety features which you expect for the acts but not. This is why VIP seats is so awesome. All the acts are so real and impressive like in front of your bold eyes!

20121124_212144Doing their routine skating! Their choreography is stunning!

Anyway they’re all trained professionals that had performed numerous times on regular schedule and there is no doubt all precaution has been taken into account but not the audience which gasping for air after the built up suspense and awe by the performance.

Stellar performance, breath taking acts, Freeze 2 is truly amazing and great entertainment to watch by all. So be sure to catch the show this Christmas before it runs out.

A picture of me and Thomas before the show ends..

20121124_210149Love my dress that night! Thanks to Yuki_Junno who sold it to me!

For more ticket info please refer to

So long for tonight folks..Good night!



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