Christmas + New Year Resolution

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It doesn’t matter how I spend my Christmas, what matter most to me is who am I going to spend time with. It would be great even just staying at home with my darling Thomas. We cuddle together the whole Xmas morning before we wake up for Dim Sum brunch with Alexa. Simplest Xmas celebration but a MEANINGFUL one.

imageMe with Thomas!

imageAlexa, Thomas and Me!

imageNom Nom Nom…

So, I see everyone receive plenty of big present from families, friends and colleagues. This year is one of the most rewarding Xmas for me and Thomas! I won a few contest and those prize made my Christmas felt so blessed.

imageNote 2 won from Churpout2012. Thanks to Churp Churp and XPax!

imageWon Make A Difference Rejuvenating Treatment from Origins

imageWon this Raising Eyebrow book which is not available in Msia. Thanks to Tammy Lim from

imageBody Shop’s Strawberry Butter from Charmaine of

imageEyelash Curler from my dearest BFF Siew Ping.

This year I gave out quite a number of xmas present too. Those who received it I hope you like it and Have a Blessed Christmas and Happy new Year!

So 2013 is on the way literally 6 more days! So we survived the Mayan’s prediction and the NASA’s Prediction of 3 Blackout Day, it’s time for me to look at what I achieved so far and set a new resolution for myself!

My 2012 Achievement!

  1. Swim Frequently and Lose away some FATS!!
  2. Did not hop to another company yet!
  3. Keeping up with BLOGGING
  4. Did well in my JOB!!
  5. Earning my first bucket of gold from my Blog!

My 2013 Resolution!

  1. Keep Up with Swimming!
  2. Balance work and my blog well!
  3. Write BETTER reviews for my Blog
  4. Begin my Travel Project!
  5. Be a Better Person!
  6. Be discipline!
  7. Read more books!

Let us all cheers for a Prosperous 2013! Stay tune for my next post of my Bali Trip!


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