Bloggers Graffiti 101 Workshop

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Graffiti art to me is colours, shapes, cartoons, portrait and basically everything that the Graffiti Artist could think off to scribbled, scratched, or sprayed onto the wall, product, T-shirt or anything at all…


Colours is something that would really brighten my life. I wouldn’t mind if my study room paint with all this Graffiti art. It definitely give me some inspiration to write a great post for my blog. Guess what?  I am really lucky to be invited to join the Blogger Graffiti 101 Workshop with Digi by Nuffnang at Publika last Saturday.

The Four Famous Graffiti Artist Katun, Medea, Escape and Anokayer was invited to give us some insights about Graffiti Art.

IMG_9954From left Anokayer, Medea, Katun and Escape.

Can you believe they can finish spraying one whole stretch of wall in one day? That was really fast and most of them do it on the spot without the need to sketch before hand. They are amazingly talented.

Some of their past artwork!




Do you know the art work below the Pasar Seni LRT Station along Klang River was created by them? and for those who want to practise their Graffiti Spraying you can do it on along Klang’s River wall stretch and don’t worry it is legal!

imageArtwork along Klang River underneath the Pasar Seni LRT Station.

I can’t draw of spray a thing, but I can capture some of the artwork  to show to you all. So let the picture do the talking!

imageOff course need a picture of me with the artwork right?

G23This is one of my favorite artwork. From far it actually look like rows of buildings.








Up close, they look really serious while spraying their artwork. They have to put a lot of dedication to complete a artwork.


Look so easy right? Just spray onto the wall! Yeah it does if you are just scribbling, but to produce a real 3D artwork that will bring out the story behind each artwork; it wasn’t that simple!

G20This is the cutest artwork among all!




G18OMG is this front of back of Baby Elephant? Well I don’t care! As long as this a cute lil baby elephant!!

Thank you Digi and Nuffnang for this awesome eye opening event.

We end the day with OBrien’s sandwich and live band performance.

imageMe with Mokky.

That’s all folks..Now it’s time for me to go shopping with my BFF!

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