Be Creative and Have Fun Drawing with S Pen

Monday, December 10, 2012

I always felt reluctant to draw colourful pictures because I’m just to lazy to buy all the colourful pencils..Yes yes you will say “Can use design software to draw!!”.. But……… There is so many options and buttons…. Since the launch of GALAXY Note II, drawing become so easy with S Pen.


Oh yeah GALAXY Note II is so convenient that you can bring it with you where ever you go! You can draw while you waiting in the queue or while you are in the car or train! Anywhere you like…

Wanna know how drawing with S Pen feels like? Go to any nearby SEP Stores to try it out OR try it on your own laptop at be! Samsung make it even better for all of you by throwing some Great Prizes that money may not be able to buy. The 4 most creative drawings will each win these exclusive prize!!!

imageSee what I means? Exclusive prizes from each artist, I'm sure you want to get your hand on this!!!

Oppsss I have not show you how to win this prizes right? Basically it is just Draw & Share!!

image3 simple steps to win yourself the exclusive prizes!

Click and relish your creativeness and be rewarded by the prize of your selected Artists.

Let me begin, first select one of the following Artists.


Each artist had started a drawing for you. Just complete their drawing the most Creative way!

clip_image002Razif’s Drawing.

clip_image004Adam’s Drawing.

clip_image006Ernest’s Drawing.

I support Gorgeous Lady like Sharifah Amani!

imageI love her expression, so excited after I select her!



Draw anything you like by using 5 different brush type and 16 colours for you to choose from! You can even add text too!


and then just SHARE your Creations on your Facebook Timeline, Twitter or by Email!!



That’s it!!


Sit back and wait for results or Continue to draw another another drawings to increase you chances of winning…

I draw another popcorn!! mmm I think the second one look better..Do you think so??


Also watch how Sharifah find her perfect match using GALAXY Note II in below video!

Submit your picture now and win cool prizes!


Too many ideas popping out?? Go go go….Start drawing with S Pen at

that’s all from me tonight! Next up will something very colourful and sexy…Stay tune!


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