Bali Island 6D/5N Day 3 Part 1/2: Lake Sightseeing & Sunset by the floating Temple

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 3 begin our first long journey up to the north of Bali which took us approximately 1 hour with slight jam from Seminyak to Taman Ayun.
My last visit to Taman Ayun failed miserably because I was not allowed to visit the temple when I having my menstrual. This time I ensure it will no clash with my holiday.
So here it is my pretty photo with Taman Ayun!
DPP683I love this skirt from Zara and so damn miss my long hair…
DPP684Me and my beloved dad and mum at Taman Ayun entrance!
DPP681Me and Thomas
Oh boy it was really hot in that Bright Morning but that’s when the cloud give a really soothing view of white cloud and sky blue background!
I enjoyed the view of the bird flying freely across the blue sky… Of course under this sheltered tower! Else I will be melting!
Stunning view of the entire Taman Ayun’s Garden up here!
DPP695Can you see the troop of tourist rushing into Taman Ayun?
As the names tell Taman Ayun is a translation of Beautiful Garden in  “Bahasa Indonesia” language. Located in Mengwi Village, Taman Ayun is a of Mengwi Empire. Each individual tower is built with multi-stories roof (Mountain alike) with a touch of Balinese design on its architecture. The garden is surrounded by a field of trees and flower with beautiful fish pond at the centre that welcomes tourist upon entering the Temple.
DPP698The beautiful temple in Taman Ayun.
Local preparing stuff (I have no idea what this is called) at the Resting Bale for their rituals to pray to their gods.
DPP693The Resting Bale.
Taman Ayun
  • Distance: 40 minutes without jam driving from Kuta
  • Attraction : Temple Visit, Garden Viewing
  • Nearby Attraction: Beratan Lake (Uludanu Temple), Tanah Lot Temple
  • Entrance Fee: RP 15,000 per pax
  • Location: Jalan Rama, Mengwi Bali, Indonesia
Next top will be the breezy Beratan Lake where the famous Ulundanu Temple is located. My last visit to this temple was such a sad case. The lake entirely covered by mist. So, it does really depend on your luck that day whether the weather allowed you to view this breathtaking breezy view of Uludanu Temple by the Beratan Lake.
This time around, my effort wasn’t wasted. The weather is sunny with the wind blowing across the lake, a breezy day indeed and it’s perfect for sightseeing and photo shooting.
DPP709Uludanu Temple beside the calm Beratan Lake.
The Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is surrounded by the huge Beratan Lake as well as a Mountain behind it. You can walk around at it’s surrounding and enjoy the cool breeze. At this highland area called Bedegul the weather is more cooling compare to other places down the hill. The names Ulun originated from Hulu word which means head or power Thus, Ulun Danu Beratan means the head of Beratan Lake which is Danu Goddess.
DPP719Me and Thomas taking picture with Mountain background.
Ulundanu Temple is consisted of 4 temples complex that are:
  • Lingga Petak Temple owns the function to worship the Siwa God.
  • Penataran Pucak Mangu Temple is to worship the Hyang ing Parwata.
  • Terate Bang Temple is functioning to worship of Brahma God.
  • Dalem Purwa Temple is functioning to worship of Danu Goddess which is considered to be miraculous of the Bhatara Hyang Danawa or Laksmi Goddess.
Info extracted from
DPP706Ulun Danu Temple Overall View
This view is stunning…It reminds me of those lake I saw when I was in UK but this more greens!
DPP717The calm Beratan Lake on a sunny day.
DPP721Small Hut by the Lake.
The lake look stunning from any angle. This is a must visit spot if you ever come to Bali. I can spend whole afternoon here. You can even bring over some food to picnic here.
page8Us with the amazing view of Ulun Danu Beratan Temple.
Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
  • Distance: 1.5 hours without jam driving from Kuta
  • Attraction : Temple Visit, Garden Viewing, Lake Sightseeing, Picnic, Lunch by the Lake
  • Nearby Attraction: Taman Ayun, Tanah Lot Temple
  • Entrance Fee: RP 30,000 per pax
  • Location: Jln. Raya Bedugul - Singaraja, 80345, Indonesia
The final destination of the day is watching sunset by the floating Tanah Lot Temple. We arrived rather early around 4pm. So we went to shop around the shops right before we reach the Tanah Lot entrance, The prices of scarf, cloths, souvenir are alright if you know how to bargain. There are also places for you to have some coconut drinks. Coconut is a great quench trencher on a hot day as Tanah Lot is at the low land area.
DPP739Our Coconut Drink
This time, we walk up the hill to have a better sunset view. The last time I was here was too rush so we skipped it. Once you go down the stairs from the main entrance, look on the left there is a small path leading you to the peak.
DPP741The path between painting and handicraft shops  leading to the peak for best sunset view at Tanah Lot.
There are many tables with umbrella for you to sit and have a nice view over the sea and Tanah Lot Temple. Tanah Lot is Land in Sea in Balinese language. The temples was actually build on top of the rocks which is shaped by continuous erosion from the strong wave over hundreds of years. Tanah Lot was built to worships the sea gods. There is a believe that the sea snakes guarded the temple from evil spirits at the base of the rocks.
DPP754The perfect spot for Sunset view. Just be sure to order a drink before someone kick you away from the table.
The sun will start to set around 6pm but by 5pm the tourist crowd start filling up the tables. So be here latest by 5pm to get a good spot.
DPP759Sun begin to set!
DPP761Using my camera tungsten lighting mode!
DPP764Sun almost disappearing…Love this moment so much.
DPP762Me with my love while the sun is setting.
More pictures of Tanah Lot surroundings..
DPP747Tanah Lot Temple closed up..
The temple will be flooded when it is high tide later late evening. We can see the tide is coming up soon.
Before we leave stop by this really delicious Roast Corn, RP 6,000 stall. The actually uses milk, butter and salt to prep the corn and roast on the charcoal. It’s along the path out from Tanah Lot.
DPP770The stall just beside the Sunset Bali Souvenir Shop.
DPP769Super yummy!!
Can you see the grains? So juicy and the roasted aroma of the butter and milk is too awesome. The best sweet corn I had in my life.
Tanah Lot
  • Distance: 30 minutes without jam driving from Kuta
  • Attraction : Temple Visit, Seaside, Sunset, Bali’s Handicraft Shopping,  Chill by seaside
  • Nearby Attraction: Beratan Lake (Uludanu Temple), Taman Ayun
  • Entrance Fee: RP 30,000 per pax
  • Location: Desa Beraban, Kediri Tabanan, Tabanan 80123, Indonesia
Well that all for Day 3 day outing..Coming up will update on Day 4 of spectacular Mountain view! I shall head back to my sleep now…Good Night and hope you enjoyed my post.


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