Yuberactive + Rimmel London + Sally Hansen : Story Telling through Beauty

Sunday, November 04, 2012

In today world, almost everyone very much rely on the internet in completing their work or task. For instance, student do research through internet for their assignments. We working adult search info using internet through Google, Yahoo or other available platform.

That was very thoughtful of the team at Group MAD, Malaysia’s leading youth marketing and branding consultancy, to use utilize the internet to create a community to inspire young people to take positive action through the power of stories.The said community, Yuberactive’s newly revamped official site was launched on 13th October 2012 at Ecoba restaurant, Taylor’s Lakeside Campus in Subang Jaya.

It was invited by JQ Lee to Yuberactive’s Challenge of the Day: Story Telling Through Beauty. Together in the event were Beautiful Bloggers, Brand Knights, Yuberactive and StarAsia too.

“Yuberactive is a community that is excited to make a difference by bringing together inspiring stories from influencers around Asia to invoke positive action! Living within the digital generation, we are aware that our social actions are shaped by the events, trends and media influences around us. With the power of the internet, we will reach out to people around the world through interactive digital media, to create beautiful and revolutionary changes. We are dedicated to build an online community that shares deep inspirations, compelling stories that present transformative thoughts, feelings and ideas for life-changing action. ”

Patrick Wee, founder & CEO of Group MAD begin the event with a short speech.

Patrick saying Hi to Everyone.



Everyone get to know each other through the “Banana & Monkey ”activity.



Jia Yee from Little Book Keeper tell us what she do to help the less fortunate kids.

Yuberactive (4)


Joanne from Yuberactive tell us about her story of her brother.



A group picture were taken that includes Jia Yee, Joanne and Brand Knights, Yuberactive and StarAsia.


Here comes the fun part “The Challenge of the Day

We were divided into group of three, and our task is to come out with a social cause and draw it on the paper and using the makeup provided by Rimmel London and Sally Hansen to inspire other on the social cause through.



Our team consist of Sher Lynn, Kate and me.

Yuberactive (8)

Our theme is “Protect our Wildlife and Nature”. I wish to inspire more people to preserved our environment to ensure the cute animal and beautiful nature is alive. I like my world fill with colours from animals, plants and flowers.

Sher Lynn with her Leopard Print!



Kate Make-Up done by Sher Lynn, deep focusing!



Kate with her Zebra Print.



Lastly, me with my Peacock Print! *not so alike, need more practice*



and following are some of the other entry by all other beautiful blogger!

Personally, I love the slogan “I rather have print on my face, than wear a animal skin”. Everyone is so creative in creating that inspiring look.

Jeng Jeng and the winners are:

2nd runner up



1st runner up



The Grand Prize Winner of RM 500 Rimmel + Sally Hansen Product is



It’s our team!! We won the grand price! I couldn’t believe we win. It must be my team member bring me luck. We won a total of RM 500 Rimmel London & Sally Hansen product.

Yuberactive (9)



The prize that we get! Now I have new collection…

Yuberactive (10)

Thanks again to JQ and Yuberactive for inviting me to this event. This bring a whole new experience to me on what we could do for the society.

Do visit their website for more info.

Website: http://www.yuberactive.asia/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YUBERACTIVE

Rimmel London Malaysia: Facebook

Sally Hansen Malaysia: Facebook


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