Twilight: Breaking Dawn.. The End?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Since the release of Twilight series in 08, it has become such a global phenomenon besides PSY. It even became a competition between fans that goes either Team Edward or Team Jacob. Well the ballot is still neutral given the support are on equal terms. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II is from the two part of the Breaking Dawn storyline where Bella had transcended from a high school student, to a wife of a vampire that radiates sparkles under the sunlight which makes you wonder if how much a slab of skin could fetch, a mother to be which the pregnancy have taken a toll on her and till finally… What she truly desires. Thanks to Nuffnang, we were given the opportunity catch the final epic of the great Twilight saga.


The Saga Continues…

Directed by Bill Cordon, Part II picks right after the sequence of events in Part I where Bella had given birth to Renesmee and had passed on due to the strained while delivering. In the act of desperation, Edward tries to convert Bella by injecting the vampire venom into her heart in hopes to jumpstart back and bringing her back. It had proved successful. They were all (The Cullens including old time cum werewolf leader of the pack, Jacob whom involuntarily imprinted on Renesmee when he looked her into her eyes) thrilled and happy that she had made it through with being goodbye to human and welcome to the vampire club.



Now I won’t have to worry about conditioner and glasses anymore..

The happiness doesn’t last long as the danger looms near and poses a greater threat to the Cullens as the ages old vampire, The Volturi is hell bent on destroying the couple’s daughter, Renesmee as they were made to be believe that their daughter is the feared “Immortal Child” which was said that uncontrollable and a single fit of rage, could very well destroy everything surrounding.

Realizing this from the future vision, Alice and Jasper had get away with no clear reason given and hence the Cullen had to pull themselves together by bring friends, family, and acquaintances to bear sole witness to the testament that Renesmee is indeed not the claimed “Immortal Child” but just like a normal dhampir.

With time running short, they had set out to rally more support in hopes to deter the, Volturi from rampaging through the Cullens which took many decades to build.


We will protect what the cost may be…

The ensuring scenes will be kept in memory as each development keeps you grounded and guessing which would say one of the best ways to conclude such a successful movie and novel franchise alike. The assembled string of cast had portrayed nothing short of brilliant and remarkable display of bringing the character to life.

At the least expected, the plot thickens and develops further. It has been a great run from different directors of each sequel. The directors had managed to retain the fundamental elements that made the movie a success in the beginning and revamp certain aspect to keep it alive which is certainly admirable.

So don’t forget to catch the movie in the cinema nearest to you and immerse yourself in the epic conclusion that drove millions of fans all across the globe.

Rating:  StarStarStarStar

Director: Bill Condon
Writers: Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay), Stephenie Meyer (novel)
Main Stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

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