Trax on Track @ Sepang International Circuit

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Last Saturday 17 November 2012, I had an amazing time watching cars drifting on the racing track . I hope winner from my blog giveaway for Trax on Track had a great time there too! Do drop me a comment and let me know on the fun alright?

We (Me, Thomas and Yuki) arrived there around 4pm just right in time for the final round of drifting. The screeching tyres sound and the screaming engines sound from the car drifting pass my eyes was exciting. Till there’s  a few moment my eyes just won’t move away from the car and it didn’t occur to me to snap the picture!!

Here are some of the shots taken when I still recall my camera existence!

Look at the smoke from the exhaust pipe…..Trax6




While the sounds of the tyres is still screeching, DJ Celeste spin some amazing tune to get us in the heart pumping mode!

Gorgeous Smile!Trax9

When we were there, most of the crowd who came much earlier has left and some went for a quick dinner and come back for the rave party later in the late evening.

This is the area for VIP tickets holder to chill a lil with the booze. The organizer is very thoughtful, they even provide phone charging booth for us to charge our phone! They know we going to upload live updates to social media till the battery flat! So this charging booth can be the saviour!! That is cool isn’t it?


The bartender is mixing my booze!20121117_191227

Me and my Mojito!!Trax27

It’s prize giving ceremony time…Here are some of the Big winner who won cash prizes as well as Storm Watch!!


The big winner!Trax16

Surely they invited pretty show girls to the event!!


Picture with Participant, Winners and CrewTrax23

Met up with Michael Yip, one of the participantsimage

He offer me a ride!! HuHu unbelievable cool…

Bring it on dude!!Trax24

My adrenaline is rushing through my brain with lightning speed when we reaches the corner. After over taking the corner, there is a a very satisfying feeling in my heart!

Me and Yuki posing with Michael’s car!Trax26

Also we have picture with all the DJ who is playing that day!

with DJ John O’Callaghan and DJ Duo 4 StringsTrax13

with DJ Charlene and DJ LisaTrax10


The the sky become turns dark and the party mood is coming..The crowd is back and all were dressed to party!

Before the DJ start the set everyone still sitting and waiting..not in the mood yet!Trax41

DJ John O’Callaghan is spinning! Whoa I love the lightings…Trax36

Not long after the music hit, everyone start to dance and shuffle!Trax38

Pause for some photos..Trax42

4 String's sets were the best one!!Trax40

More beautiful lightings…IMG_8450

We definitely have so much fun that night. This is my first time to Rave Party with Car Drifting on the track! Thanks to Don Chan from Manoah Consulting Sdn Bhd for the invitation. So long for now…


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