The Intercontinental Hotel KL

Monday, November 12, 2012

Recently I was given the opportunity to indulge in a 2 Days 1 Night stay at “ The Intercontinental Hotel KL ” as part of my winning entry for Drive your Dreams with the Michelin Pilot Experience courtesy of Nuffnang and Michelin which I had blogged about it few months ago. Read my post on the Michelin Pilot Experience here.

Why Intercontinental KL?

  • Great location, situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
  • Best Hotel for those who love to do some shopping just few metre away is the Malaysia Renown KLCC.
  • Those who love to have some night out, happening pub and club all just a few door away. Zouk, KL is just down the streets.
  • Super Comfy Bed and Room that assure you will have good rest to start your long day the next morning.
  • Great for business trip, as the working station in the room is very well prepared. Public Transport is conveniently available.

Situated in KL city centre, The Intercontinental (Formerly known as Nikko Hotel) offers great service and exquisite accommodation. Further to that, you can access KLCC within 10 mins of walking distance or perhaps taking the Putra LRT by taking a 100 meters stroll down to access.

The Grand Viewclip_image001Picture courtesy of Google Image©2012

From the look afar, the majesty feel can be felt and standing tall next to the Twin Towers. However the sight is hampered by the ongoing construction works for an upgrade. The trip down the parking lot shown previous battle scars which had spooked me a little but nevertheless, it won’t deter me.

The bad viewINT9

During checking in through concierge, I was informed that the allocated room had been sold out and they had upgraded my Premier room to the Grand Premier Room. I have started to feel good already and once gotten the access card, time to head up to the room for unwind and relax which I’m in for a treat.

To my astonishment, when it was mentioned Grand Premier, they had actually meant every word literally. This spacious room comes complete with everything. From the work station corner, right down to lounge sofa for probably a cup of coffee while going through the newspaper. Luxury and comfort have definitely been incorporate into the room theme.

May I present the “Room”…INT2

What is truly amazed me are, the extremely comfortable big bed with the soft fluffy pillows which comes complete with the docking station for iPod on the side for some melody and an adjustable TV which is able to rotate up 180 degrees.

See what I mean..INT10


The 180 degrees Rotating TV for viewing pleasure..

(On screen, Channel – Vision Four [Water Horse])

Initially I didn’t know it could rotate till accidentally moved it ..HahaINT16

The TV unit even comes with a DVD player and USB port just for your convenience if got bored with the regular programs and jack in some of your favourite movies stored in the thumb drive or perhaps to view the recently purchased DVD.

The amazement continues as we dwell further into the exquisite bathroom which I must say that it is absolutely marvellous as it has all that a women like me needs as from the moment step foot into the bathroom, it is equally spacious and huge.

Sight beyond sight.The overseeing view of the room.INT5

The bathroom provide all the basic toiletries necessity including manicure set, cotton pad/cotton bud, shoe shine, shaver set and sewing kit. (Oh ya, for those ladies on a straight regime to look good, it would suffice) and furthermore, comes with a close-up mirror to improve the view for a smooth make-up process. Rest assured besides the close-up mirror, the based mirror got every corner pretty much covered.

It’s even come with manicure tool!! Even all the towel are off high quality ones, extremely soft!









The best part is not only there is a bath tub but the see thru glass on the corner which oversees the whole room in a glance and what’s more is that can watch the TV while immersing in the bath tub which the audio is also built into the bath room for hearing pleasure.

See Through Glass, no worries for those who prefer some privacy you can scroll down the blinder.INT7

The bath tub is surprisingly spacious and there is adequate space to place various things including a glass of wine while soaking in the bath tub.

After taking a dip in the bath tub, it’s time to rinse it off by hitting the shower.

The Big Head.. With Mini Head.. INT6

I was surprised as I open the shower tap, strong flow from the big shower head poured onto my body with the mixed of warm and cold water. It gushed out like those at the waterfall. It was refreshing and relaxing at the same time. Wonder how great it would be to have one in my own bathroom.. Now that’s a thought.

The bathroom also comes with lengthy top which is perfect to place things evenly from the water splashes.

The perfect corner for some peace and relaxing moments with flowing water..INT11

It also comes with something we called the weighing scale which would be the worst nightmare for most and mind those that are afraid of standing on glass, this comes with standard issue calibrated core and tempered glass to ensure safety.

The transparent marker of the weight.INT13


After a satisfying and refreshing bath, it is time to get dry with readied bathrobe inside the wardrobe to keep the body nice and comfortable.

Us with Bathrobe.image

The wardrobe comes with switch sensor that automatically switches on when you open the sliding panel door and switches off when closed. It also comes few hangers and also an ironing board. Now talk about being at home. The wardrobe could fit a dozen clothes before its packed fully to the brim. It also comes with a security safe if in the event you decided to get yourself 10K diamond or didn’t want to carry much valuable, just place inside and lock it up.

The Wardrobe, the Safe, & the Iron...INT4

Once completely dried, it is time to get check online as I have been socially active on all my social networks, (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) through the provided complimentary WiFi which comes with the room package and the speed is amazing which I believed specially caters to business needs as usual speeds doesn’t make the cut.

The table is a built up of tempered glass and metal stands that holds it firm. The side panels have access to the LAN connection, several two pin jacks, and the thing I enjoys the most would be the agronomic chair design. The shape follows the contour of your back providing the necessary support and to prevent back ache.

The workstation.INT3

After a good long hour work had done, head over the sofa lounge which is next to the workstation. Perfect for those that indulges in cuppa of coffee.

The cosy cornerINT1

Overall the room design is not only spacious but comfortable in overall aspect which makes you feel right at home and a home wouldn’t be complete without the chiller so as most hotel room.

The mini bar, refreshment for anyone?INT12

Well like most hotels, The Intercontinental comes equip with their very own swimming pool and didn’t want to miss the swimming laps, took a quick dip in the pool.

The Pool.INT24

The pool has side cabana and a bar that serves refreshment after the swim. Hence took few laps to ease the mind and just swam.

Me before the swim!image

After completed the laps, they served a plate of complimentary fruits. Talk about service at its finest..


The Cabana.INT21

And the Bar..INT28

The pool also comes with a Jacuzzi that shoots pressured water which acts water massage towards the back but the cut off timer runs out rather quickly and would have constantly hit the button to continue enjoy the Jacuzzi.


For those on the health regime as they have spacious gym area that you can frequent during your stay with the hotel and maintain the health regime.

The Gym..


After the workout, you can indulge yourself in the wide selection at the Breakfast Buffet spread. I love the breakfast buffet spread too. A lot of selection available. Too much to review it here, my favourite is the ham and smoke salmon and of course Malaysia delicacies Nasi Lemak.


During my stay at various countries and different hotels, this has indeed been one of the best and wonderful experiences among the rest. It is truly remarkable the level of service that they held and maintained. This would certainly be one of a recommendation for those planning to have weekend getaway in a semi luxurious life.

Room Comfort: 9/10

Price: 7/10 (Approx. RM 800 per night is rather costly to me)

Facility: 8/10

Ambient Environment: 9/10 (Lobby is spacious and there is sofa for you to hang around, room lighting is appropriate)

Food: 7/10 ( Great Breakfast buffet spread and Tatsu, Japanese Restaurant is another great choice for dinner)

Service: 9/10 (very attentive)

The Intercontinental

165, Jalan Ampang,

50450 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: +60 3 2161 1111




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