Spending Quality Time with Family this Diwali

Monday, November 12, 2012

Yesterday, me and my both mums decided to indulge in unlimited take of meat sliced that will be dipper with boiling Sukiyaki broth at non other than Sukiya Pavilion KL. You read my past review here. I'm not going to do another review as their steamboat is still as good indeed better!


Most of the time, it doesn’t matter whether the place is fun to visit or whether the food is delicious BUT who are you travelling or dining with. To me if I dine with someone with really sucky attitude, even the food taste amazingly good I might not feel it is as tasty!


Yesterday was special as both my brunch companion and the food is extremely good. We have a real laugh for almost 3 hour while chewing on the meat slices!


Then we come to a discussion point where both me and mum do not know how to grip a chopstick properly. It’s rather hard for us to pick our food while the food floating in the broth especially now most of the restaurant use those chopstick that is sharp towards the end.

This make it picking food harder!imagePicture courtesy of Google image

See how mum grip the chopstick!! Still can pick food but need more time!! What about you?can you grip a chopstick properly?


God Mum laugh at us so badly! She say how come all of you can’t grip a chopstick properly? I answered, I follow what my mum teach!!

God mum can grip so well!! I feel shame! ^_^20121111_141502

Let me share with you the proper way to grip a chopstick!!

imagePicture courtesy of Google image


Mum was so humour, she tell us even she can’t grip pencil properly! She used to be a Kindergarden teacher and was being fired when the headmaster realize she grip pencil the wrong way! OMG mum say out loud she was fired proudly!! WTF…this is because that was pass and now she is a very Successful Woman in her Career and a Successful Mum in my heart.

The morale behind this story is never give up in what ever you do. You may fail in one aspect but you will new knew one fine day you will be very successful in a different aspect.

This Deepavali season was one of the best among all the years… I have a real good time with my family and TSDayout at Little India, Klang.













Me with Banana Leaf Rice!!


I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Indian Friends, Indian Reader and everyone who celebrate Deepavali 

“ May the beauty of this Deepavali fill your home with happiness and may the coming year provide you with all that brings you joy!Happy Deepavali ”


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