November Catra Coffee Challenge: Espressamente @ Pavilion

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I am really hooked with the coffee richness and taste after my last UDC Illy Coffee Workshop. So, I decided to try a new coffee shop every month to determine which my most preferred cup of Cafe Latte or Espresso.

This November, my first Coffee Challenge begin with Espressamente Illy Coffee Shop @ Pavilion. If you follow my coffee workshop post, Evelyn mention that Espressamente can brew a really great espresso. So i choose this as my first coffee shop to visit.


As usual I love to blog while enjoying my cup of coffee. Sadly, the wifi connection is too slow that I couldn’t connect to internet. Beside than that, the ambience is very bright since it is open concept where it’s surrounded by glass and I’m sitting facing the water fountain. This helps keep my mind calm while writing this post.


The temperature was alright not too hot, perhaps the sky is cloudy too so the hot sun does not shine through the glass.


Waiter is friendly and efficient at their job! Their menu is very complete in term of types of espresso and coffee served at their shop. The food selection (breakfast, pasta,Panini and etc) is impressive to but I have yet to try yet!


Well enough of the side briefing. Let’s hit the main topic of the day the Espresso!! I ordered Capo Triestino, RM 9.00.

A single espresso served with a medium measure of emulsified milk
I love the level of bitterness, just right for my bud taste. The richness of coffee aroma totally nailed the first seep. I actually can taste a hint of almond shot too. I reconfirm with the staff, he inform it’s purely espresso and emulsified milk. In addition, he say that some other customer said they taste almond too. I have no idea about this! However, I really impressed with the after taste that linger in my mouth.

Till then, stay tune for the next Coffee Challenge in December.

Rating: StarStarStarStar
Coffee: 9/10
Price: 8/10
Facility: 6/10 (Wifi connection is too slow to be connected)
Ambient Environment: 7/10 (No couch or sofa only hard chair)
Service: 8/10

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