L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum: No more falling Lashes and Longer Lash!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I was very happy to be selected to try out this L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum from Only Beauty. Only Beauty is Malaysia’s Best Sampling Website that gives beauty product samples for free! YES for Freeeeeeeeee……. So hurry and click on the weblink to redeem your free samples!!

I have this habit of rubbing my eyes whenever I feel tired and this is one of the reason my lashes keeps falling. I always admire my Indian friend for having dark, long and curvy lashes! Seen many review of this serum that will do miracles to my lashes!

Only Beauty deliver the Lash Serum to my door step!!

The Lash Serum is a concentrated serum enriched with Arginine, a major component of Keratin and Madecassoside for an intensive boost.

I’m loving the metallic blue packaging with gold lining which look very classy.


It come in a tube very similar to the mascara tube! The content is gel alike and it’s slightly thicker compare to common gel moisturizer.

IMG_2019The L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum

The applicator come in white colour with a curvy wand that’s follows our eyes shape.


Use it day to protect lashes from external aggression and night to enhance the Serum’s effectiveness.

It’s very easy to apply with just 2 steps on your clean lashes:

1. Apply to the fringe with the tip of the spoon curved brush.


2. Apply to the length with the hollow side to catch all lashes.


One think I love is the serum does not has any chemical smell, only slight gel smell and it does not clump my lashes after the application! I put it on every night before I go to bed and after I wash my face in the morning!!

imageBefore I head to bed, i swipe the serum on my lashes!!

After almost 2 weeks of using this serum, my lashes grow stronger and it does not falls now…Not even a single strands!! That’s amazing….Even when I rub my eyes, it does not fall!

Renew Lash2

See my lash grow darker and slightly longer!! Even Thomas ask whether I wore mascara that day!! I am overly joyed to hear that from someone who don’t always compliment me…

Cindy’s Verdict:


1. Almost natural smell

2. Easy to apply

3. Quick result in just 2 week



None at the moment.

So if you want stronger and longer lashes head on down to any drugstore and get yourself one now!

Do check out Only Beauty FB Page for more product reviews as well as new samples for you to try on!

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